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TAO::SSLIOP Namespace Reference


class  Accept_Strategy
 SSLIOP-specific accept strategy that builds on the TAO_Accept_Strategy implementation. More...
class  Acceptor
 The SSLIOP-specific bridge class for the concrete acceptor. More...
class  ClientCredentials
class  Connection_Handler
 Handles requests on a single connection. More...
class  State_Guard
 This Class that sets up TSS SSL states upon instantiation, and tears down the TSS SSL state when that instance goes out of scope. More...
class  Connector
 SSLIOP-specific Connector bridge for pluggable protocols. More...
class  CredentialsAcquirer
 SSLIOP-specific SecurityLevel3::CredentialsAcquirer implementation. More...
class  CredentialsAcquirerFactory
 SSLIOP-specific TAO::SL3::CredentialsAcquirerFactory implementation. More...
class  Current
 Implementation of the TAO SSLIOP::Current extension. More...
class  Current_Impl
 TSS portion of the TAO SSLIOP::Current extension, and the SSLIOP-specific SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent object. More...
struct  OpenSSL_traits< ::EVP_PKEY >
class  Protocol_Factory
 SSLIOP-specific protocol factory implementation. More...
class  Server_Invocation_Interceptor
 Secure invocation server request interceptor. More...
class  OpenSSL_st_var
 "_var" class for the OpenSSL More...
class  ORBInitializer
class  OwnCredentials
 Credentials representing our identity, not our peer's identity. More...
struct  OpenSSL_traits< ::SSL >
class  TargetCredentials
 SSLIOP-specific implementation of the SecurityLevel3::TargetCredentials interface. More...
class  Transport
class  Util
 Class that provides utility/helper methods for several classes in the SSLIOP pluggable protocol. More...
struct  OpenSSL_traits< ::X509 >


typedef SSLIOP_Credentials * Credentials_ptr
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Var_T
< SSLIOP_Credentials > 
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Out_T
< SSLIOP_Credentials > 
typedef CurrentCurrent_ptr
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Var_T< CurrentCurrent_var
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Out_T< CurrentCurrent_out
typedef OpenSSL_st_var
typedef OwnCredentialsOwnCredentials_ptr
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Var_T
< OwnCredentials
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Out_T
< OwnCredentials
typedef OpenSSL_st_var< ::SSL > SSL_var
typedef ACE_Svc_Handler
< ACE_SSL_SOCK_Stream,
typedef OpenSSL_st_var< ::X509X509_var


CORBA-style Reference Count Manipulation Methods

These reference count manipulation methods are generally specific to OpenSSL structures.

template<typename T >
T * _duplicate (T *st)
 Increase the reference count on the given OpenSSL structure.
template<typename T >
T * copy (T const &st)
 Deep copy the given OpenSSL structure.
template<typename T >
void release (T *st)
 Decrease the reference count on the given OpenSSL structure.


static const long ACCEPT_TIMEOUT = 10

Typedef Documentation

typedef TAO_Pseudo_Out_T<SSLIOP_Credentials> TAO::SSLIOP::Credentials_out
typedef SSLIOP_Credentials* TAO::SSLIOP::Credentials_ptr
typedef TAO_Pseudo_Var_T<SSLIOP_Credentials> TAO::SSLIOP::Credentials_var

Function Documentation

template<typename T >
T * TAO::SSLIOP::_duplicate ( T *  st)

Increase the reference count on the given OpenSSL structure.

template<typename T >
T * TAO::SSLIOP::copy ( T const &  st)

Deep copy the given OpenSSL structure.

template<typename T >
void TAO::SSLIOP::release ( T *  st)

Decrease the reference count on the given OpenSSL structure.

Variable Documentation

const long TAO::SSLIOP::ACCEPT_TIMEOUT = 10 [static]
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