TAO_Security 2.0.5
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TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent Class Reference

SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent implementation. More...

#include <SL3_SecurityCurrent.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SecurityCurrent (size_t tss_slot, TAO_ORB_Core *oc)
size_t tss_slot (void) const
SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent Methods

Methods required by the SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent interface.

client_credentials ()
virtual CORBA::Boolean request_is_local (void)

Protected Member Functions

 ~SecurityCurrent (void)

Private Member Functions

SecurityCurrent_Implimplementation (void)
Retricted Copying and Assignment

Prevent copying through the copy constructor and the assignment operator.

 SecurityCurrent (const SecurityCurrent &)
void operator= (const SecurityCurrent &)

Private Attributes

const size_t tss_slot_
 Thread-specific storage slot assigned to this object.
TAO_ORB_Core *const orb_core_

Detailed Description

SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent implementation.

Thread-specific information may be retrieved from the target security service through this object.

This SecurityCurrent implementation basically a variant of the bridge design pattern. All operations are delegated on to concrete implementations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::SecurityCurrent ( size_t  tss_slot,
TAO_ORB_Core oc 


TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::~SecurityCurrent ( void  ) [protected]


Protected destructor to enforce proper memory management through the reference counting mechanism.

TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::SecurityCurrent ( const SecurityCurrent ) [private]

Member Function Documentation

SecurityLevel3::ClientCredentials_ptr TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::client_credentials ( void  ) [virtual]
TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent_Impl * TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::implementation ( void  ) [private]

Set the thread-specific storage SecurityLevel3::SecurityCurrent implementation. The pointer is actually one to a concrete implementation provided by the underlying security mechanism. For example, SSLIOP implements its own SSLIOP-specific operations corresponding to the ones exposed by the SecurityCurrent interface. Similarly, SECIOP would do the same.

There is no function that places the implementation pointer in TSS. The underlying security mechanism does that.
void TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::operator= ( const SecurityCurrent ) [private]
CORBA::Boolean TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::request_is_local ( void  ) [virtual]
size_t TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::tss_slot ( void  ) const

Return the TSS slot ID assigned to the "SecurityCurrent" object. The concrete thread-specific storage SecurityCurrent implementations will each use this slot ID.

Member Data Documentation

Pointer to the ORB Core corresponding to the ORB with which this object is registered.

Reimplemented from CORBA::Object.

const size_t TAO::SL3::SecurityCurrent::tss_slot_ [private]

Thread-specific storage slot assigned to this object.

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