TAO_RTEvent 2.0.5
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ACE_ConsumerQOS_FactoryConsumer QOS Factory
RtecUDPAdmin::AddrServerDefines a interface to configure the mapping between events and multicast groups (or UDP broadcast or UDP unicast) addresses
RtecEventChannelAdmin::AlreadyConnectedException raised if a consumer or supplier tries to reconnect even though it is connected already
TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway::AttributesHelper class to initialize a TAO_ECG_Mcast_Gateway
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::CANT_APPEND_OBSERVERException raised if the Event Channel is unable to add an observer due to some internal limitation
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::CANT_REMOVE_OBSERVERException raised if the Event Channel is unable to remove an observer due to some internal limitation or because the observer cannot be found
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdminImplement an Abstract Factory to create ProxyPushSupplier objects
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerQOSDefine the complete QoS properties of a consumer
RtecEventChannelAdmin::DependencyEncapsulate the parameters of a consumer QoS property
RtecBase::Dependency_InfoDefine dependencies between two RT_Infos
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::DISPATCH_ERRORException raised if the event cannot be dispatched
RtecEventComm::EventThe basic events delivered by the Event Service
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannelThe main interface for the event service
RtecEventComm::EventHeaderDefine the structure of an event header
TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Mcast_HeaderHelper for decoding, validating and storing mcast header
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ObserverMonitor changes in the consumer subscriptions and/or supplier publciations
TAO_ECG_Mcast_EH::ObserverObserves changes in the EC consumer subscriptions and notifies TAO_ECG_Mcast_EH when there are changes
TAO_ECG_Mcast_EH::Observer_Disconnect_CommandDisconnects Observer from the Event Channel
TAO_EC_Basic_ObserverStrategy::Observer_EntryThe data kept for each observer
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushConsumerInterface used to implement the Abstract Session pattern for the suppliers
RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSupplierInterface used to implement the Abstract Session pattern for the consumers
RtecEventChannelAdmin::PublicationEncapsulate one supplier publication and the QoS properties for that publication
RtecEventComm::PushConsumerDefine the interface used by consumers to receive events
RtecEventComm::PushSupplierDefines the interface used by suppliers to receive callbacks from the Event Channel
RtecEventDataUser defined Event Data
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::SUBSCRIPTION_ERRORException raised if the subscriptions are invalid
RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierAdminImplement an Abstract Factory to create ProxyPushConsumer objects
RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierQOSDescribe the complete QoS and filtering properties for a supplier
RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel::SYNCHRONIZATION_ERRORException raised if the Event Channel cannot acquire its internal locks
TAO_EC_And_FilterThe 'logical and' filter
TAO_EC_Auto_Command< T >Utility class which executes COMMAND in its destructor
TAO_EC_Basic_FactoryThe factory for a simple event channel
TAO_EC_Basic_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Basic_ObserverStrategyA simple observer strategy
TAO_EC_Bitmask_FilterThe bitmask filter
TAO_EC_Busy_Lock_Adapter< Adaptee >
TAO_EC_Channel_DestroyerHelper class to destroy event channel
TAO_EC_Channel_Destroyer_FunctorImplements a functor for the TAO_EC_Channel_Destroyer class
TAO_EC_Conjunction_FilterThe conjunction filter
TAO_EC_Consumer_Proxy_Disconnect_FunctorImplements a functor for the TAO_EC_Consumer_Proxy_Disconnector class
TAO_EC_Consumer_Proxy_DisconnectorHelper class to disconnect a PushSupplier from the event channel
TAO_EC_ConsumerAdminImplements the ConsumerAdmin interface, i.e. the factory for TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier objects
TAO_EC_ConsumerControl_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reactive ConsumerControl
TAO_EC_Deactivated_ObjectObject deactivation utility (mix-in) class
TAO_EC_Default_FactoryA generic factory for EC experimentation
TAO_EC_Default_ProxyPushConsumerImplements RtecEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushConsumer interface
TAO_EC_Default_ProxyPushSupplierImplement the ReliableEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSupplier interface
TAO_EC_Disjunction_FilterThe disjunction filter
TAO_EC_DispatchingAbstract base class for the dispatching strategies
TAO_EC_Dispatching_TaskImplement the dispatching queues for FIFO and Priority dispatching
TAO_EC_Event_ChannelThe RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel implementation
TAO_EC_Event_Channel_AttributesDefines the construction time attributes for the Event Channel
TAO_EC_Event_Channel_BaseThe RtecEventChannelAdmin::EventChannel implementation
TAO_EC_Event_Channel_HolderUtility for automatically destroying the Event Channel
TAO_EC_FactoryAbstract base class for the Event Channel components
TAO_EC_FilterAbstract base class for the filter hierarchy
TAO_EC_Filter_BuilderAbstract base class for the filter builders
TAO_EC_GatewayEvent Channel Gateway
TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOPEvent Channel Gateway using IIOP
TAO_EC_Gateway_IIOP_FactoryFactory for the EC_Gateway_IIOP settings
TAO_EC_Gateway_SchedExtend the EC_Gateway_IIOP interface to support scheduling
TAO_EC_Group_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that preserves event groups
TAO_EC_Kokyu_DispatchingDispatching strategy that minimizes priority inversion
TAO_EC_Kokyu_FactoryExtend the default factory to support scheduling
TAO_EC_Kokyu_FilterDecorate a filter with scheduling information
TAO_EC_Kokyu_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Kokyu_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that uses TAO's real-time scheduler
TAO_EC_Masked_Type_FilterA masked type filter
TAO_EC_MT_DispatchingDispatching strategy that minimizes mt inversion
TAO_EC_Negation_FilterThe negation filter
TAO_EC_Null_FactoryThe factory for a simple event channel
TAO_EC_Null_FilterA null filter
TAO_EC_Null_Filter_BuilderA simple implementation of the filter builder
TAO_EC_Null_ObserverStrategyA null observer strategy
TAO_EC_Null_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that separates event groups and delivers one event at a time
TAO_EC_Object_DeactivatorUtility for deactivating servants from POA
TAO_EC_ObserverStrategyThe strategy to handle observers for the Event Channel subscriptions and publication
TAO_EC_ORB_HolderUtility for automatically destroying the ORB
TAO_EC_Per_Supplier_FilterFilter the events on each supplier
TAO_EC_Per_Supplier_Filter_BuilderCreate Per_Supplier_Filter objects
TAO_EC_Prefix_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Priority_DispatchingDispatching strategy that minimizes priority inversion
TAO_EC_Priority_SchedulingA scheduling strategy that uses TAO's real-time scheduler
TAO_EC_ProxyPushConsumer_GuardA Guard for the ProxyPushConsumer reference count
TAO_EC_QOS_InfoA representation of QoS information for the event channel filters
TAO_EC_Reactive_DispatchingDispatch using the caller thread
TAO_EC_Reactive_ObserverStrategyA reactive observer strategy
TAO_EC_Reactive_Timeout_GeneratorA simple implementation of the Timeout_Generator based on the Reactor
TAO_EC_RTCORBA_DispatchingRTCORBA-based dispatching strategy
TAO_EC_RTCORBA_FactoryDecorate an EC_Factory to use the EC_RTCORBA_Dispatching module
TAO_EC_Sched_FactoryExtend the default factory to support scheduling
TAO_EC_Sched_FilterDecorate a filter with scheduling information
TAO_EC_Sched_Filter_BuilderImplement a builder for the fundamental filters
TAO_EC_Scheduling_StrategyDefine the interface for the scheduling strategy
TAO_EC_Shutdown_Command< T >
TAO_EC_Simple_AddrServerTAO Real-time Event Service; a simple UDP address server
TAO_EC_Supplier_FilterThe strategy to filter close to the supplier
TAO_EC_Supplier_Filter_BuilderAbstract base class for the supplier filter builders
TAO_EC_Supplier_Proxy_Disconnect_FunctorImplements a functor for the TAO_EC_Supplier_Proxy_Disconnector class
TAO_EC_Supplier_Proxy_DisconnectorHelper class to disconnect a PushConsumer from the event channel
TAO_EC_SupplierAdminImplement the RtecEventChannelAdmin::SupplierAdmin interface
TAO_EC_SupplierControl_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reactive SupplierControl
TAO_EC_Thread_FlagsParse thread flags from string to a long
TAO_EC_Timeout_AdapterAdapt the EC_Filter interface as an Event_Handler
TAO_EC_Timeout_FilterA filter based on event type/source
TAO_EC_Timeout_GeneratorDefine the interface for the generators of timeout events
TAO_EC_TPC_DispatchingDispatching strategy that isolates deliveries to a consumer from any other
TAO_EC_TPC_FactoryA generic factory for EC experimentation
TAO_EC_Trivial_Supplier_FilterA null filtering strategy
TAO_EC_Trivial_Supplier_Filter_BuilderCreate a single Trivial_Supplier_Filter
TAO_EC_Type_FilterA filter based on event type/source
TAO_ECG_Address_Server_BaseAll implementations of RtecUDPAdmin::AddrServer idl interface should inherit from this abstract base
TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_ReceiverReceives UDP and Multicast messages
TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_SenderSends CDR messages using UDP. NOT THREAD-SAFE
TAO_ECG_CDR_ProcessorInterface for callback objects used by TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver to propagate received data to its callers
TAO_ECG_Complex_Address_ServerImplementation of RtecUDPAdmin idl interface, which returns a different multicast address based on event source (or event type
TAO_ECG_Dgram_HandlerInterface used by mcast/udp handlers to notify interested components (usually Event Receivers) that there is data available on the dgram for reading, and to query them about event type to mcast group mappings
TAO_ECG_Handler_ShutdownInterface that should be implemented by multicast and udp handlers in EC gateways, so the handlers can be notified of shutdown (usually by Event Receivers)
TAO_ECG_Mcast_EHEvent Handler for Mcast messages. NOT THREAD-SAFE
TAO_ECG_Mcast_GatewayImplement the builder for setting up Event Channel multicast gateway. NOT THREAD-SAFE
TAO_ECG_Reactive_ConsumerEC_ControlConsumer event channel control
TAO_ECG_Reactive_ConsumerEC_Control_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reactive ConsumerControl
TAO_ECG_Reconnect_ConsumerEC_ControlConsumer event channel control
TAO_ECG_Reconnect_ConsumerEC_Control_AdapterForwards timeout events to the Reconnect ConsumerControl
TAO_ECG_Simple_Address_ServerBasic implementation of RtecUDPAdmin idl interface
TAO_ECG_Simple_Mcast_EHSimple Event Handler for mcast messages. Listens for messages on a single mcast group. Useful in environments where event traffic is not separated into different groups. Calls handle_input (ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast dgram) on a specified TAO_ECG_Dgram_Handler to inform it about message arrival
TAO_ECG_UDP_EHEvent Handler for UDP messages
TAO_ECG_UDP_Out_EndpointMaintains information about an outgoing endpoint
TAO_ECG_UDP_ReceiverReceive events from UDP or Multicast and push them to a "local" EC. NOT THREAD-SAFE
TAO_ECG_UDP_Receiver_Disconnect_CommandDisconnects supplier represented by proxy from the Event Channel
TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_EntryKeeps information about an incomplete request
TAO_ECG_UDP_SenderSend events received from a "local" EC using UDP. NOT THREAD-SAFE. This class connect as a consumer to an EventChannel and forwards the events it receives from that EC using UDP
TAO_ECG_UDP_Sender_Disconnect_CommandDisconnects consumer represented by proxy from the Event Channel
RtecEventChannelAdmin::TypeErrorObsolete exception
RtecUDPAdmin::UDP_AddrRepresent a UDP SAP
RtecUDPAdmin::UDP_Addr_v6Represent a UDP SAP sufficient to hold an IPv6 address
RtecUDPAdmin::UDP_AddressHolds either an IPv4 or IPv6 address and used for the return value from get_address below
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