TAO_CosTime 2.0.5
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CosTime::UTO Interface Reference

import "TimeService.idl";

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Public Member Functions

UTO absolute_time ()
TimeComparison compare_time (in ComparisonType comparison_type, in UTO otu)
TIO time_to_interval (in UTO otu)
TIO interval ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute TimeBase::TimeT time
readonly attribute
readonly attribute TimeBase::TdfT tdf
readonly attribute TimeBase::UtcT utc_time

Member Function Documentation

UTO CosTime::UTO::absolute_time ( )
TimeComparison CosTime::UTO::compare_time ( in ComparisonType  comparison_type,
in UTO  otu 
TIO CosTime::UTO::interval ( )
TIO CosTime::UTO::time_to_interval ( in UTO  otu)

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute TimeBase::TdfT CosTime::UTO::tdf
readonly attribute TimeBase::TimeT CosTime::UTO::time
readonly attribute TimeBase::UtcT CosTime::UTO::utc_time

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