TAO_CosTime 2.0.5
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TAO_UTO Class Reference

Universal Time Object Implementation. More...

#include <TAO_UTO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_UTO (TimeBase::TimeT time, TimeBase::InaccuracyT inaccuracy, TimeBase::TdfT tdf)
 ~TAO_UTO (void)
virtual TimeBase::TimeT time ()
 For the readonly attribute <time>.
virtual TimeBase::InaccuracyT inaccuracy (void)
 For the readonly attribute <inaccuracy>.
virtual TimeBase::TdfT tdf (void)
virtual TimeBase::UtcT utc_time (void)
 For the readonly attribute <utc_time>.
CosTime::UTO_ptr absolute_time (void)
CosTime::TimeComparison compare_time (CosTime::ComparisonType comparison_type, CosTime::UTO_ptr uto)
CosTime::TIO_ptr time_to_interval (CosTime::UTO_ptr)
CosTime::TIO_ptr interval (void)

Private Attributes

TimeBase::UtcT attr_utc_time_

Detailed Description

Universal Time Object Implementation.

This is an encapsulation of the time. It provides the following operations on basic time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_UTO::TAO_UTO ( TimeBase::TimeT  time,
TimeBase::InaccuracyT  inaccuracy,
TimeBase::TdfT  tdf 


TAO_UTO::~TAO_UTO ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

CosTime::UTO_ptr TAO_UTO::absolute_time ( void  )

Absolute time = Relative time + Base time. ?? Find out more about the Base Time, UTC and Distributed Time Sync. Algos. [3

CosTime::TimeComparison TAO_UTO::compare_time ( CosTime::ComparisonType  comparison_type,
CosTime::UTO_ptr  uto 

Compares the time contained in the object with the time in the supplied uto according to the supplied comparison type.

TimeBase::InaccuracyT TAO_UTO::inaccuracy ( void  ) [virtual]

For the readonly attribute <inaccuracy>.

CosTime::TIO_ptr TAO_UTO::interval ( void  )

Returns a TIO object representing the error interval around the time value in the UTO.

TimeBase::TdfT TAO_UTO::tdf ( void  ) [virtual]

For the readonly attribute <tdf>, which is the "time displacement factor".

TimeBase::TimeT TAO_UTO::time ( void  ) [virtual]

For the readonly attribute <time>.

CosTime::TIO_ptr TAO_UTO::time_to_interval ( CosTime::UTO_ptr  uto)

Returns a TIO representing the time interval between the time in the object and the time in the UTO passed as a parameter. The interval returned is the interval between the mid-points of the two UTOs. Inaccuracies are ignored. Note the result of this operation is meaningless if the base times of UTOs are different.

TimeBase::UtcT TAO_UTO::utc_time ( void  ) [virtual]

For the readonly attribute <utc_time>.

Member Data Documentation

TimeBase::UtcT TAO_UTO::attr_utc_time_ [private]

The readonly attribute structure having the time, inaccuracy and displacement. The get methods for other readonly attributes (time, inaccuracy, tdf) defined in the IDL use the members of this structure and hence need not have separate member variables for them.

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