TAO 2.0.5
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TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategy Class Reference

Define the interface for the Queueing Strategy. More...

#include <Transport_Queueing_Strategies.h>

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virtual ~Transport_Queueing_Strategy (void)
virtual bool must_queue (bool queue_empty) const =0
 Return true if a message must be queued.
virtual bool buffering_constraints_reached (TAO_Stub *stub, size_t msg_count, size_t total_bytes, bool &must_flush, const ACE_Time_Value &current_deadline, bool &set_timer, ACE_Time_Value &interval) const =0
 Return true if it is time to start.

Detailed Description

Define the interface for the Queueing Strategy.

The low-level I/O components in the ORB use this strategy to determine when messages must be queued, immediately sent or flushed.

The strategy isolates this low-level components from the higher level strategies used by the application developer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategy::~Transport_Queueing_Strategy ( void  ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategy::buffering_constraints_reached ( TAO_Stub stub,
size_t  msg_count,
size_t  total_bytes,
bool &  must_flush,
const ACE_Time_Value current_deadline,
bool &  set_timer,
ACE_Time_Value interval 
) const [pure virtual]

Return true if it is time to start.

stubThe object used to make the request, this is used to obtain the policies currently in effect for the request
msg_countThe number of messages currently queued
total_bytesNumber of bytes currently queued
set_timerReturns true if a timer should be set to drain the queue
intervalIf set_timer returns 1, this parameter contains the timer interval
must_flushIs set to true if things must be flushed at this moment

Implemented in TAO::Flush_Transport_Queueing_Strategy.

virtual bool TAO::Transport_Queueing_Strategy::must_queue ( bool  queue_empty) const [pure virtual]

Return true if a message must be queued.

Implemented in TAO::Flush_Transport_Queueing_Strategy.

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