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TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base Class Reference

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#include <Pluggable_Messaging_Utils.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base (void)
IOP::ServiceContextList & service_context_notowned (void)
void service_context_notowned (IOP::ServiceContextList *svc)
GIOP::ReplyStatusType reply_status (void) const
void reply_status (GIOP::ReplyStatusType status)
GIOP::LocateStatusType locate_reply_status (void) const
void locate_reply_status (GIOP::LocateStatusType status)

Public Attributes

IOP::ServiceContextList svc_ctx_
 The IOP service context list.
CORBA::ULong request_id_
 The request id for which the reply we (connector) has received.
CORBA::Boolean is_dsi_
ptrdiff_t dsi_nvlist_align_
CORBA::Boolean argument_flag_

Protected Attributes

IOP::ServiceContextList * service_context_
 The service context list that we don't own.

Private Attributes

GIOP::ReplyStatusType reply_status_
 The reply status.
GIOP::LocateStatusType locate_reply_status_
 The locate reply status.

Detailed Description


This represents a set of data that would be assembled by the acceptor to pass to the connector. This base class is used by TAO_ServerRequest. The child class TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params is used on the client side, and contains an additional TAO_InputCDR member, not needed on the server side.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

GIOP::LocateStatusType TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::locate_reply_status ( void  ) const
void TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::locate_reply_status ( GIOP::LocateStatusType  status)
void TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::reply_status ( GIOP::ReplyStatusType  status)
GIOP::ReplyStatusType TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::reply_status ( void  ) const
IOP::ServiceContextList & TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_notowned ( void  )

Get and Set methods for the service context list that we dont own. This is useful for cases where the application objects own a service context list and would like to pass on their contents without a copy.

void TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_notowned ( IOP::ServiceContextList *  svc)

Member Data Documentation

A flag that indicates if there is any data is going to get marshalled in the reply

Info required for DSI optimization that pads the outgoing CDR stream according to the alignment of the NVList.

Since this class no longer contains an NVList, this is the way to determine if the request was DSI, so we can use Carlos' service context list no-deep-copy optimization.

The locate reply status.

GIOP::ReplyStatusType TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::reply_status_ [private]

The reply status.

The request id for which the reply we (connector) has received.

IOP::ServiceContextList* TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base::service_context_ [protected]

The service context list that we don't own.

The IOP service context list.

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