TAO 2.0.5
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TAO_Adapter Class Reference

#include <Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TAO_Adapter (void)
virtual void open (void)=0
 Initialize the Adapter.
virtual void close (int wait_for_completion)=0
virtual void check_close (int wait_for_completion)=0
virtual int priority (void) const =0
virtual int dispatch (TAO::ObjectKey &key, TAO_ServerRequest &request, CORBA::Object_out forward_to)=0
 Return the status....
virtual const char * name (void) const =0
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr root (void)=0
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr create_collocated_object (TAO_Stub *, const TAO_MProfile &)=0
 Create a collocated object using the given profile and stub.
virtual CORBA::Long initialize_collocated_object (TAO_Stub *)=0

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

The operation was successfully dispatched, an exception may have been raised, but that is a correct execution too.


There was a problem in dispatching the operation.


The key is not in the right format for this Adapter, try the next one.


Forward the request to another object reference, this decouples the ORB from the PortableServer::ForwardRequest exception

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Adapter::~TAO_Adapter ( void  ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void TAO_Adapter::check_close ( int  wait_for_completion) [pure virtual]

Check if the adapter can be closed in the current context, raise an exception if not.

virtual void TAO_Adapter::close ( int  wait_for_completion) [pure virtual]

The ORB is shutting down, destroy any resources attached to this adapter.

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_Adapter::create_collocated_object ( TAO_Stub ,
const TAO_MProfile  
) [pure virtual]

Create a collocated object using the given profile and stub.

virtual int TAO_Adapter::dispatch ( TAO::ObjectKey &  key,
TAO_ServerRequest request,
CORBA::Object_out  forward_to 
) [pure virtual]

Return the status....

virtual CORBA::Long TAO_Adapter::initialize_collocated_object ( TAO_Stub ) [pure virtual]

Initialize a collocated object using the given stub pointer for lazily evaluated object references.

virtual const char* TAO_Adapter::name ( void  ) const [pure virtual]

Return the name, i.e. the object id used to resolve it in the ORB.

virtual void TAO_Adapter::open ( void  ) [pure virtual]

Initialize the Adapter.

virtual int TAO_Adapter::priority ( void  ) const [pure virtual]

Return the priority assigned to this adapter. Adapters at higher priority are used first, the first adapter that matches a key is used to dispatch a request.

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_Adapter::root ( void  ) [pure virtual]

Return the root of the Object Adapter. Each adapter defines its own IDL interface accessed through the method above.

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