TAO 2.0.5
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TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter Class Reference

Adapter class for locate request invocations. More...

#include <LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter (CORBA::Object_ptr target)
void invoke (void)
 Start the invocation on the target.
CORBA::PolicyList * get_inconsistent_policies (void)
 Accessor to the inconsistent policy list.

Private Member Functions

bool get_timeout (ACE_Time_Value &val)
void object_forwarded (CORBA::Object_var &effective_target, TAO_Stub *stub, CORBA::Boolean permanent_forward)

Private Attributes

CORBA::Object_ptr target_
CORBA::PolicyList_var list_

Detailed Description

Adapter class for locate request invocations.

This class provides a look and feel similar to the TAO::Invocation_Adapter though the functionalities are different. For the record, IDL compiler doesn't know the existence of this class. This class is concerned with the creation and invocation of locate request invocations to the target object

Need to think what happens if the target is collocated. Looks like there are no ways to utilize the opportunity that may have been presented.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target)

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::PolicyList * TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::get_inconsistent_policies ( void  )

Accessor to the inconsistent policy list.

bool TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::get_timeout ( ACE_Time_Value val) [private]
void TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::invoke ( void  )

Start the invocation on the target.

void TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::object_forwarded ( CORBA::Object_var effective_target,
TAO_Stub stub,
CORBA::Boolean  permanent_forward 
) [private]

Helper method that takes care of setting the profiles within the stub object if the target gets forwarded

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::PolicyList_var TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::list_ [private]
CORBA::Object_ptr TAO::LocateRequest_Invocation_Adapter::target_ [private]

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