CIAO 1.0.5
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Components::Transaction::UserTransaction Interface Reference

import "CCM_Transaction.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void begin () raises (NotSupported, SystemError)
void commit () raises (RollbackError, NoTransaction, HeuristicMixed, HeuristicRollback, Security, SystemError)
void rollback () raises (NoTransaction, Security, SystemError)
void set_rollback_only () raises (NoTransaction, SystemError)
Status get_status () raises (SystemError)
void set_timeout (in long to) raises (SystemError)
TranToken suspend () raises (NoTransaction, SystemError)
void resume (in TranToken txtoken) raises (InvalidToken, SystemError)

Member Function Documentation

void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::begin ( ) raises (NotSupported, SystemError)
void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::commit ( ) raises (RollbackError, NoTransaction, HeuristicMixed, HeuristicRollback, Security, SystemError)
Status Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::get_status ( ) raises (SystemError)
void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::resume ( in TranToken  txtoken) raises (InvalidToken, SystemError)
void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::rollback ( ) raises (NoTransaction, Security, SystemError)
void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::set_rollback_only ( ) raises (NoTransaction, SystemError)
void Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::set_timeout ( in long  to) raises (SystemError)
TranToken Components::Transaction::UserTransaction::suspend ( ) raises (NoTransaction, SystemError)

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