CIAO 1.0.5
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Components::Receptacles Interface Reference

import "CCM_Receptacle.idl";

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Public Member Functions

Cookie connect (in FeatureName name, in Object connection) raises (InvalidName, InvalidConnection, AlreadyConnected, ExceededConnectionLimit)
Object disconnect (in FeatureName name, in Cookie ck) raises (InvalidName, InvalidConnection, CookieRequired, NoConnection)
ConnectionDescriptions get_connections (in FeatureName name) raises (InvalidName)
ReceptacleDescriptions get_all_receptacles ()
ReceptacleDescriptions get_named_receptacles (in NameList names) raises (InvalidName)

Member Function Documentation

Cookie Components::Receptacles::connect ( in FeatureName  name,
in Object  connection 
) raises (InvalidName, InvalidConnection, AlreadyConnected, ExceededConnectionLimit)
Object Components::Receptacles::disconnect ( in FeatureName  name,
in Cookie  ck 
) raises (InvalidName, InvalidConnection, CookieRequired, NoConnection)
ReceptacleDescriptions Components::Receptacles::get_all_receptacles ( )
ConnectionDescriptions Components::Receptacles::get_connections ( in FeatureName  name) raises (InvalidName)
ReceptacleDescriptions Components::Receptacles::get_named_receptacles ( in NameList  names) raises (InvalidName)

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