CIAO 1.0.5
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Components::HomeFinder Interface Reference

import "CCM_HomeFinder.idl";

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Public Member Functions

CCMHome find_home_by_component_type (in CORBA::RepositoryId comp_repid) raises (HomeNotFound)
CCMHome find_home_by_home_type (in CORBA::RepositoryId home_repid) raises (HomeNotFound)
CCMHome find_home_by_name (in string home_name) raises (HomeNotFound)

Member Function Documentation

CCMHome Components::HomeFinder::find_home_by_component_type ( in CORBA::RepositoryId  comp_repid) raises (HomeNotFound)
CCMHome Components::HomeFinder::find_home_by_home_type ( in CORBA::RepositoryId  home_repid) raises (HomeNotFound)
CCMHome Components::HomeFinder::find_home_by_name ( in string  home_name) raises (HomeNotFound)

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