CIAO 1.0.5
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Components::Entity2Context Interface Reference

import "CCM_Entity2Context.idl";

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Public Member Functions

ComponentId get_component_id () raises (IllegalState)
ComponentId create_component_id (in FacetId target_facet, in SegmentId target_segment, in SegmentDescrSeq seq_descrs)
ComponentId create_monolithic_component_id (in FacetId target_facet, in StateIdValue sid)
Object create_ref_from_cid (in CORBA::RepositoryId repid, in ComponentId cid)
ComponentId get_cid_from_ref (in Object objref) raises (BadComponentReference)

Member Function Documentation

ComponentId Components::Entity2Context::create_component_id ( in FacetId  target_facet,
in SegmentId  target_segment,
in SegmentDescrSeq  seq_descrs 
ComponentId Components::Entity2Context::create_monolithic_component_id ( in FacetId  target_facet,
in StateIdValue  sid 
Object Components::Entity2Context::create_ref_from_cid ( in CORBA::RepositoryId  repid,
in ComponentId  cid 
ComponentId Components::Entity2Context::get_cid_from_ref ( in Object  objref) raises (BadComponentReference)
ComponentId Components::Entity2Context::get_component_id ( ) raises (IllegalState)

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