ACEXML 6.0.5
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ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager Class Reference

#include <Debug_DTD_Manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager ()
virtual ~ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager ()
getElement_Def_Builder ()
virtual int insertElement_Definition (ACEXML_Element_Def_Builder *def)
getAttribute_Def_Builder ()
virtual int insertAttributes_Definition (ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder *def)
virtual ACEXML_ValidatorgetValidator (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager ( )
ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::~ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder * ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::getAttribute_Def_Builder ( ) [virtual]

Acquire a pointer to an attributes definition builder.

Implements ACEXML_DTD_Manager.

ACEXML_Element_Def_Builder * ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::getElement_Def_Builder ( ) [virtual]

Acquire a pointer to an element definition builder. The XML parser use this interface to acquire the definition builder and use the builder to create the DTD element definition. The resulting builder is then registered with the DTD Manager or destroyed if error occured when the builder encountered errors.

Return values:
0if error occurs creating the builder.

Implements ACEXML_DTD_Manager.

ACEXML_Validator * ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::getValidator ( const ACEXML_Char namespaceURI,
const ACEXML_Char localName,
const ACEXML_Char qName 
) [virtual]

Acquire an element validator to validate an XML element.

I haven't figured out what memory management scheme we should use for the acquired validator.

Implements ACEXML_DTD_Manager.

int ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::insertAttributes_Definition ( ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder def) [virtual]

Insert a new attributes definition into the DTD Manager.

Return values:
0if success, -1 otherwise.

Implements ACEXML_DTD_Manager.

int ACEXML_Debug_DTD_Manager::insertElement_Definition ( ACEXML_Element_Def_Builder def) [virtual]

Insert a new element definition into the DTD Manager.

Return values:
0if success, -1 if error.

Implements ACEXML_DTD_Manager.

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