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OS_NS_signal.h File Reference
#include "ace/config-lite.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_signal.h"


struct  siginfo_t


namespace  ACE_OS

This namespace defines an OS independent programming API that shields developers from nonportable aspects of writing efficient system programs on Win32, POSIX and other versions of UNIX, and various real-time operating systems.


#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define SIG_BLOCK   1
#define SIG_UNBLOCK   2
#define SIG_SETMASK   3


typedef struct sigaction ACE_SIGACTION


int ace_sigemptyset_helper (sigset_t *s)
int ace_sigfillset_helper (sigset_t *s)
int ace_sigaddset_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ace_sigdelset_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ace_sigismember_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::kill (pid_t pid, int signum)
int ACE_OS::pthread_sigmask (int how, const sigset_t *nsp, sigset_t *osp)
int ACE_OS::sigaction (int signum, const ACE_SIGACTION *nsa, ACE_SIGACTION *osa)
int ACE_OS::sigaddset (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::sigdelset (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::sigemptyset (sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::sigfillset (sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::sigismember (sigset_t *s, int signum)
ACE_SignalHandler ACE_OS::signal (int signum, ACE_SignalHandler)
int ACE_OS::sigprocmask (int how, const sigset_t *nsp, sigset_t *osp)
int ACE_OS::sigsuspend (const sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::raise (const int signum)

Detailed Description

OS_NS_signal.h 93481 2011-03-04 14:59:09Z olli
Douglas C. Schmidt <>
Jesper S. M|ller<>
and a cast of thousands...

Originally in OS.h.

Define Documentation

#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define SIG_BLOCK   1
#define SIG_SETMASK   3
#define SIG_UNBLOCK   2

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct sigaction ACE_SIGACTION

Function Documentation

int ace_sigaddset_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
int ace_sigdelset_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
int ace_sigemptyset_helper ( sigset_t *  s) [inline]
int ace_sigfillset_helper ( sigset_t *  s) [inline]
int ace_sigismember_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
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