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TAO_UIPMC_Connector Class Reference

UIPMC-specific Connector bridge for pluggable protocols. More...

#include <UIPMC_Connector.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_UIPMC_Connector (void)
 ~TAO_UIPMC_Connector (void)
int open (TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
int close (void)
TAO_Profilecreate_profile (TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
virtual int check_prefix (const char *endpoint)
virtual char object_key_delimiter (void) const

Protected Member Functions

int set_validate_endpoint (TAO_Endpoint *endpoint)
TAO_Transportmake_connection (TAO::Profile_Transport_Resolver *r, TAO_Transport_Descriptor_Interface &desc, ACE_Time_Value *timeout=0)
virtual TAO_Profilemake_profile (void)
virtual int cancel_svc_handler (TAO_Connection_Handler *svc_handler)
 Cancel the passed cvs handler from the connector.

Detailed Description

UIPMC-specific Connector bridge for pluggable protocols.

Concrete instance of the TAO_Connector class. Responsible for establishing a connection with a server and is called from the Connector_Registory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_UIPMC_Connector::TAO_UIPMC_Connector ( void  )


TAO_UIPMC_Connector::~TAO_UIPMC_Connector ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_UIPMC_Connector::cancel_svc_handler ( TAO_Connection_Handler svc_handler) [protected, virtual]

Cancel the passed cvs handler from the connector.

Implements TAO_Connector.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connector::check_prefix ( const char *  endpoint) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connector::close ( void  ) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

TAO_Profile * TAO_UIPMC_Connector::create_profile ( TAO_InputCDR cdr) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

TAO_Transport * TAO_UIPMC_Connector::make_connection ( TAO::Profile_Transport_Resolver *  r,
TAO_Transport_Descriptor_Interface desc,
ACE_Time_Value timeout = 0 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

TAO_Profile * TAO_UIPMC_Connector::make_profile ( void  ) [protected, virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

char TAO_UIPMC_Connector::object_key_delimiter ( void  ) const [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connector::open ( TAO_ORB_Core orb_core) [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connector.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connector::set_validate_endpoint ( TAO_Endpoint endpoint) [protected, virtual]

= More TAO_Connector methods, please check the documentation on Transport_Connector.h

Implements TAO_Connector.

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