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TAO_PG_GenericFactory Class Reference

PortableGroup::GenericFactory implementation used by the load balancer when creating object groups. More...

#include <PG_GenericFactory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_PG_GenericFactory (TAO_PG_ObjectGroupManager &object_group_map, TAO_PG_PropertyManager &property_manager)
 ~TAO_PG_GenericFactory (void)
void poa (PortableServer::POA_ptr p)
 Set the POA to use when creating object references.
void delete_object_i (TAO_PG_Factory_Set &factory_set, CORBA::Boolean ignore_exceptions)
void delete_member (CORBA::ULong group_id, const PortableGroup::Location &location)
void check_minimum_number_members (PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr object_group, CORBA::ULong group_id, const char *type_id)
 Verify that the MinimumNumberMembers criterion is satisfied.
PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationIdcreate_member (PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr object_group, const PortableGroup::FactoryInfo &factory_info, const char *type_id, const CORBA::Boolean propagate_member_already_present)
TAO_LoadBalancer::GenericFactory methods
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr create_object (const char *type_id, const PortableGroup::Criteria &the_criteria, PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId_out factory_creation_id)
virtual void delete_object (const PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId &factory_creation_id)

Private Member Functions

void populate_object_group (PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr object_group, const char *type_id, const PortableGroup::FactoryInfos &factory_infos, PortableGroup::InitialNumberMembersValue initial_number_members, TAO_PG_Factory_Set &factory_set)
void get_ObjectId (CORBA::ULong fcid, PortableServer::ObjectId_out oid)
 Get a new ObjectId to be used when creating a new ObjectGroup.
void process_criteria (const char *type_id, const PortableGroup::Criteria &criteria, PortableGroup::MembershipStyleValue &membership_style, PortableGroup::FactoriesValue &factory_infos, PortableGroup::InitialNumberMembersValue &initial_number_members, PortableGroup::MinimumNumberMembersValue &minimum_number_members)

Private Attributes

PortableServer::POA_var poa_
 Reference to the POA used to create object group references.
 Reference to the ObjectGroup map.
 Reference to the PropertyManager.
TAO_PG_Factory_Map factory_map_
 Table that maps FactoryCreationId to TAO_PG_Factory_Set.
CORBA::ULong next_fcid_

Detailed Description

PortableGroup::GenericFactory implementation used by the load balancer when creating object groups.

This GenericFactory creates an object group reference for given set of replicas. Those replicas will be created by this GenericFactory if the "infrastructure-controlled" membership style is configured.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_PG_GenericFactory::TAO_PG_GenericFactory ( TAO_PG_ObjectGroupManager object_group_map,
TAO_PG_PropertyManager property_manager 


TAO_PG_GenericFactory::~TAO_PG_GenericFactory ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::check_minimum_number_members ( PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr  object_group,
CORBA::ULong  group_id,
const char *  type_id 

Verify that the MinimumNumberMembers criterion is satisfied.

If the current number of members in the given object group is less than the MinimumNumberMembers criterion in effect for that group, the infrastructure will attempt create and add more members to the group by invoking any unused application-supplied GenericFactorys.

PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId * TAO_PG_GenericFactory::create_member ( PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr  object_group,
const PortableGroup::FactoryInfo factory_info,
const char *  type_id,
const CORBA::Boolean  propagate_member_already_present 

Create a new object group member using the supplied FactoryInfo and RepositoryId and add it to the given object group.

This method is only used by the infrastructure.
CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_PG_GenericFactory::create_object ( const char *  type_id,
const PortableGroup::Criteria the_criteria,
PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId_out  factory_creation_id 
) [virtual]

Create an object of the specified type that adheres to the restrictions defined by the provided Criteria. The out FactoryCreationId parameter may be passed to the delete_object() method to delete the object.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::delete_member ( CORBA::ULong  group_id,
const PortableGroup::Location location 

If the member corresponding to the given group ID and location was created by the infrastructure, call delete_object() on the remote GenericFactory that created it. This method is only used by the TAO_PG_ObjectGroupManager class when ObjectGroupManager::remove_member() is explicitly called.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::delete_object ( const PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId factory_creation_id) [virtual]

Delete the object corresponding to the provided FactoryCreationId. If the object is actually an ObjectGroup, then all members within the ObjectGroup will be deleted. Afterward, the ObjectGroup itself will be deleted.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::delete_object_i ( TAO_PG_Factory_Set factory_set,
CORBA::Boolean  ignore_exceptions 

Call delete_object() on all factories use to create members in a given object group. If ignore_exceptions is true, any exception returned from the delete_object() call on the remote factory will be ignored in order to allow other objects to be deleted via other registered factories.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::get_ObjectId ( CORBA::ULong  fcid,
PortableServer::ObjectId_out  oid 
) [private]

Get a new ObjectId to be used when creating a new ObjectGroup.

An ObjectId created by this method will never be reused within the scope of a given ReplicationManager. A value suitable for use in a map association <ext_id> is also returned.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::poa ( PortableServer::POA_ptr  p)

Set the POA to use when creating object references.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::populate_object_group ( PortableGroup::ObjectGroup_ptr  object_group,
const char *  type_id,
const PortableGroup::FactoryInfos factory_infos,
PortableGroup::InitialNumberMembersValue  initial_number_members,
TAO_PG_Factory_Set factory_set 
) [private]

Populate the object group being created. Called when the infrastructure-controlled membership style is used for the object group being created.

void TAO_PG_GenericFactory::process_criteria ( const char *  type_id,
const PortableGroup::Criteria criteria,
PortableGroup::MembershipStyleValue membership_style,
PortableGroup::FactoriesValue factory_infos,
PortableGroup::InitialNumberMembersValue initial_number_members,
PortableGroup::MinimumNumberMembersValue minimum_number_members 
) [private]

Process criteria to be applied to the object group being created. Only the MemberShipStyle, Factories, InitialNumberMembers and MinimumNumberMembers criteria/properties are defined by the PortableGroup IDL. Other services that implement the GenericFactory interface, such as load balancing and fault tolerance, may choose to support more.

The extracted criteria are object group-specific. In particular, they are the object group creation time criteria.

Member Data Documentation

Table that maps FactoryCreationId to TAO_PG_Factory_Set.

The TAO_PG_Factory_Set corresponding to a given FactoryCreationId contains the information necessary to clean up objects (members) that were created by the infrastructure, i.e. this GenericFactory. For example, this GenericFactory will invoke other application defined GenericFactorys when creating new object group members. The information returned from those application defined GenericFactorys is stored in a TAO_PG_Factory_Set, and thus this table.

TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX TAO_PG_GenericFactory::lock_ [private]

Lock used to synchronize access to the factory creation id index (i.e. next_fcid_).

The FactoryCreationId that will be assigned to the next object group that is created. Value that is used when assigning a FactoryCreationId to the factory that was used to create a given ObjectGroup. The FactoryCreationId is typically comprised of this value in addition to another value that makes it unique to a given Load Balancer.

Reference to the ObjectGroup map.

Reference to the POA used to create object group references.

Reference to the PropertyManager.

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