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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
TAO_Advanced_Resource_FactoryTAO's default resource factory
TAO_FIFO_Connection_Purging_StrategyThe First In First Out connection purging strategy
TAO_LF_Strategy_NullA concrete TAO_LF_Strategy for ORB configurations that do not use the Leader/Followers event loop
TAO_LFU_Connection_Purging_StrategyThe Least Frequently Used connection purging strategy
TAO_NULL_Connection_Purging_StrategyThe null connection purging strategy
TAO_OC_Endpoint_Selector_FactoryFactory for initializing <Endpoint_Selection_State> and obtaining appropriate <Invocation_Endpoint_Selector>
TAO_OC_Endpoint_Selector_LoaderStatic initializer used to ensure the Optimized Connector Endpoint Selector is available for use in static applications
TAO_Optimized_Connection_Endpoint_SelectorMore efficient connection strategy for endpoint selection
TAO_SCIOP_Endpoint_InfoStores information for a single SCIOP endpoint
TAO_UIOP_Endpoint_InfoStores information for a single UIOP endpoint
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