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PortableServer Namespace Reference


struct  RefCountServantBase
class  Servant_var
 Provides a type safe counted reference to servants. More...


typedef POAManager * POAManager_ptr
typedef TAO_Objref_Var_T
< POAManager > 
typedef POAManagerFactory * POAManagerFactory_ptr
typedef POA * POA_ptr
typedef TAO_ServantBase ServantBase
typedef Servant_var
< TAO_ServantBase
typedef ServantBaseServant
typedef TAO_Local_ServantBase LocalServantBase
typedef TAO_DynamicImplementation DynamicImplementation
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq ObjectId
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq_var ObjectId_var
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq_out ObjectId_out
typedef TAO_Objref_Var_T< POA > POA_var
typedef TAO_Objref_Out_T< POA > POA_out
typedef ServantManager * ServantManager_ptr


PortableServer::ObjectIdstring_to_ObjectId (const char *string)
char * ObjectId_to_string (const PortableServer::ObjectId &id)
 Utility functions for the other.
PortableServer::ObjectIdwstring_to_ObjectId (const CORBA::WChar *string)
CORBA::WCharObjectId_to_wstring (const PortableServer::ObjectId &id)
template<class X , class Y >
bool operator== (Servant_var< X > const &x, Servant_var< Y > const &y)
 Compare two Servant_vars for equivalence.
template<class X , class Y >
bool operator!= (Servant_var< X > const &x, Servant_var< Y > const &y)
 Compare two Servant_vars for non-equivalence.


::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr const _tc_ObjectId

Typedef Documentation

typedef TAO_DynamicImplementation PortableServer::DynamicImplementation
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq PortableServer::ObjectId
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq_out PortableServer::ObjectId_out
typedef CORBA::OctetSeq_var PortableServer::ObjectId_var
typedef POA * PortableServer::POA_ptr
typedef POAManager * PortableServer::POAManager_ptr
typedef POAManagerFactory * PortableServer::POAManagerFactory_ptr
typedef::TAO_ServantBase PortableServer::ServantBase
typedef ServantManager* PortableServer::ServantManager_ptr

Function Documentation

TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS char * PortableServer::ObjectId_to_string ( const PortableServer::ObjectId id )

Utility functions for the other.

TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS CORBA::WChar * PortableServer::ObjectId_to_wstring ( const PortableServer::ObjectId id )
template<class X , class Y >
bool PortableServer::operator!= ( Servant_var< X > const &  x,
Servant_var< Y > const &  y 

Compare two Servant_vars for non-equivalence.

template<class X , class Y >
bool PortableServer::operator== ( Servant_var< X > const &  x,
Servant_var< Y > const &  y 

Compare two Servant_vars for equivalence.

TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS PortableServer::ObjectId * PortableServer::string_to_ObjectId ( const char *  string )
TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS PortableServer::ObjectId * PortableServer::wstring_to_ObjectId ( const CORBA::WChar string )

Variable Documentation

TAO_PortableServer_Export::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr const PortableServer::_tc_ObjectId
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