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TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler Class Reference

This is the main class for DSI using AMH. More...

#include <AMH_DSI_Response_Handler.h>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler (TAO_ServerRequest &sr)
 ~TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler (void)
virtual void invoke_reply (CORBA::NVList_ptr args, CORBA::NamedValue_ptr result)
virtual void invoke_excep (TAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder *h)
virtual void invoke_location_forward (CORBA::Object_ptr fwd, CORBA::Boolean is_perm)
virtual void gateway_exception_reply (CORBA::ULong reply_status, TAO_OutputCDR &encap)
virtual void gateway_exception_reply (CORBA::ULong reply_status, TAO_InputCDR &encap)
CORBA::Object_ptr _this ()
 Returns a CORBA::Object_ptr for the target object.

Static Public Member Functions

_duplicate (TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr)
 CORBA Object related methods.
_nil (void)
_narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr)
_unchecked_narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr)

Protected Member Functions

virtual const char * _interface_repository_id (void) const
 Return 0. Should never be used.
virtual void * _downcast (const char *repository_id)
 Simply returns "this".

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

This is the main class for DSI using AMH.

With ordinary DSI, the POA calls _dispatch, which in turn calls invoke on the DSI handler. Invoke completely handles the request, and packages the result in the request object so that it can be marshalled and sent back to the caller.

With the AMH variation, the DSI handler's invoke method starts the processing, but delegates the result packaging to a response handler. This way, if the invocation takes a long time, or involves blocking calls, then the result handling can be managed by another thread. This is particularly useful for gateway implementations, where the middle tier should not have to block waiting for replies.

As this is built on the CORBA object model, there are separate classes representing the interface and the implementation.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler ( TAO_ServerRequest sr )
TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::~TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler ( void   )

Member Function Documentation

void * TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_downcast ( const char *  repository_id ) [protected, virtual]

Simply returns "this".

TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_duplicate ( TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr  x ) [static]

CORBA Object related methods.

const char * TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_interface_repository_id ( void   ) const [protected, virtual]

Return 0. Should never be used.

TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_narrow ( CORBA::Object_ptr  obj ) [static]
TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_nil ( void   ) [static]
CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_this (  )

Returns a CORBA::Object_ptr for the target object.

TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_ptr TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::_unchecked_narrow ( CORBA::Object_ptr  obj ) [static]
void TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::gateway_exception_reply ( CORBA::ULong  reply_status,
TAO_InputCDR encap 
) [virtual]
void TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::gateway_exception_reply ( CORBA::ULong  reply_status,
TAO_OutputCDR encap 
) [virtual]
void TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::invoke_excep ( TAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder h ) [virtual]
void TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::invoke_location_forward ( CORBA::Object_ptr  fwd,
CORBA::Boolean  is_perm 
) [virtual]
void TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler::invoke_reply ( CORBA::NVList_ptr  args,
CORBA::NamedValue_ptr  result 
) [virtual]

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