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TAO_SFP_Base Class Reference

#include <sfp.h>

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Public Types

enum  State {

Public Member Functions

 TAO_SFP_Base (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static CORBA::Boolean start_frame (CORBA::Octet flags, flowProtocol::MsgType type, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static CORBA::Boolean write_start_message (TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static CORBA::Boolean write_start_reply_message (TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static CORBA::Boolean write_credit_message (CORBA::ULong cred_num, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static CORBA::Boolean write_fragment_message (CORBA::Octet flags, CORBA::ULong fragment_number, CORBA::ULong sequence_number, CORBA::ULong source_id, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static CORBA::Boolean write_frame_message (CORBA::ULong timestamp, CORBA::ULong synchSource, flowProtocol::my_seq_ulong source_ids, CORBA::ULong sequence_num, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
static int send_message (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, TAO_OutputCDR &stream, ACE_Message_Block *mb=0)
static int peek_message_type (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::MsgType &type)
static int read_start_message (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::Start &start, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int read_start_reply_message (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::StartReply &start_reply, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int read_credit_message (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::credit &credit, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int read_endofstream_message (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::frameHeader &endofstream, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int read_frame (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::frameHeader &frame_header, TAO_SFP_Frame_State &state, TAO_AV_frame_info *&frame_info)
static int read_fragment (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::fragment &fragment, TAO_SFP_Frame_State &state, TAO_AV_frame_info *&frame_info)
static int peek_frame_header (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::frameHeader &header, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int peek_fragment_header (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, flowProtocol::fragment &fragment, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
static int handle_input (TAO_AV_Transport *transport, TAO_SFP_Frame_State &state, TAO_AV_frame_info *&frame_info)
static ACE_Message_Blockcheck_all_fragments (TAO_SFP_Fragment_Table_Entry *fragment_entry)

Static Public Attributes

static const char TAO_SFP_ORB_ARGUMENTS [] = "-ORBObjRefStyle URL"
static const char TAO_SFP_MAGIC_NUMBER [] = "=SFP"
static const char TAO_SFP_FRAGMENT_MAGIC_NUMBER [] = "FRAG"
static const char TAO_SFP_START_MAGIC_NUMBER [] = "=STA"
static const char TAO_SFP_CREDIT_MAGIC_NUMBER [] = "=CRE"
static const char TAO_SFP_STARTREPLY_MAGIC_NUMBER [] = "=STR"
static const unsigned char TAO_SFP_MAJOR_VERSION = 1
static const unsigned char TAO_SFP_MINOR_VERSION = 0
static const unsigned char TAO_SFP_FRAME_HEADER_LEN = 12
static const unsigned char TAO_SFP_MESSAGE_SIZE_OFFSET = 8
static const unsigned char TAO_SFP_FRAGMENT_SIZE_OFFSET = 16
static u_int frame_header_len
static u_int start_reply_len
static u_int start_len
static u_int credit_len
static u_int fragment_len

Static Protected Member Functions

static void dump_buf (char *buf, int n)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_Base ( void   )

Member Function Documentation

ACE_Message_Block * TAO_SFP_Base::check_all_fragments ( TAO_SFP_Fragment_Table_Entry fragment_entry ) [static]
void TAO_SFP_Base::dump_buf ( char *  buf,
int  n 
) [static, protected]
int TAO_SFP_Base::handle_input ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
TAO_SFP_Frame_State state,
TAO_AV_frame_info *&  frame_info 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::peek_fragment_header ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::fragment fragment,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::peek_frame_header ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::frameHeader header,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::peek_message_type ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::MsgType type 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_credit_message ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::credit credit,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_endofstream_message ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::frameHeader endofstream,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_fragment ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::fragment fragment,
TAO_SFP_Frame_State state,
TAO_AV_frame_info *&  frame_info 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_frame ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::frameHeader frame_header,
TAO_SFP_Frame_State state,
TAO_AV_frame_info *&  frame_info 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_start_message ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::Start start,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::read_start_reply_message ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
flowProtocol::StartReply start_reply,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 
) [static]
int TAO_SFP_Base::send_message ( TAO_AV_Transport transport,
TAO_OutputCDR stream,
ACE_Message_Block mb = 0 
) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::start_frame ( CORBA::Octet  flags,
flowProtocol::MsgType  type,
TAO_OutputCDR msg 
) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::write_credit_message ( CORBA::ULong  cred_num,
TAO_OutputCDR msg 
) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::write_fragment_message ( CORBA::Octet  flags,
CORBA::ULong  fragment_number,
CORBA::ULong  sequence_number,
CORBA::ULong  source_id,
TAO_OutputCDR msg 
) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::write_frame_message ( CORBA::ULong  timestamp,
CORBA::ULong  synchSource,
flowProtocol::my_seq_ulong  source_ids,
CORBA::ULong  sequence_num,
TAO_OutputCDR msg 
) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::write_start_message ( TAO_OutputCDR msg ) [static]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_SFP_Base::write_start_reply_message ( TAO_OutputCDR msg ) [static]

Member Data Documentation

u_int TAO_SFP_Base::credit_len [static]
u_int TAO_SFP_Base::start_len [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_CREDIT_MAGIC_NUMBER = "=CRE" [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_FRAGMENT_MAGIC_NUMBER = "FRAG" [static]
const unsigned char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_FRAGMENT_SIZE_OFFSET = 16 [static]
const unsigned char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_FRAME_HEADER_LEN = 12 [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_MAGIC_NUMBER = "=SFP" [static]
const unsigned char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_MAJOR_VERSION = 1 [static]
const unsigned char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_MESSAGE_SIZE_OFFSET = 8 [static]
const unsigned char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_MINOR_VERSION = 0 [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_ORB_ARGUMENTS = "-ORBObjRefStyle URL" [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_START_MAGIC_NUMBER = "=STA" [static]
const char TAO_SFP_Base::TAO_SFP_STARTREPLY_MAGIC_NUMBER = "=STR" [static]

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