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TAO_MCastConfigIf Class Reference

#include <AVStreams_i.h>

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struct  Peer_Info

Public Types

enum  Peer_Interface { VDEV = 0, FLOWENDPOINT = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 TAO_MCastConfigIf (void)
 Default constructor.
 ~TAO_MCastConfigIf (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean set_peer (CORBA::Object_ptr peer, AVStreams::streamQoS &the_qos, const AVStreams::flowSpec &the_spec)
virtual void configure (const CosPropertyService::Property &a_configuration)
virtual void set_initial_configuration (const CosPropertyService::Properties &initial)
virtual void set_format (const char *flowName, const char *format_name)
virtual void set_dev_params (const char *flowName, const CosPropertyService::Properties &new_params)

Protected Member Functions

int in_flowSpec (const AVStreams::flowSpec &flow_spec, const char *flow_name)
 checks whether the flowname is in the flow_spec.

Protected Attributes

ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast sock_mcast_
 Multicast socket.
CosPropertyService::Properties initial_configuration_
 Initial configuration to be distributed to all B parties when they join.
ACE_DLList< Peer_Infopeer_list_
ACE_DLList_Iterator< Peer_Infopeer_list_iterator_

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_MCastConfigIf::TAO_MCastConfigIf ( void   )

Default constructor.

TAO_MCastConfigIf::~TAO_MCastConfigIf ( void   )


Member Function Documentation

void TAO_MCastConfigIf::configure ( const CosPropertyService::Property &  a_configuration ) [virtual]
int TAO_MCastConfigIf::in_flowSpec ( const AVStreams::flowSpec flow_spec,
const char *  flow_name 
) [protected]

checks whether the flowname is in the flow_spec.

void TAO_MCastConfigIf::set_dev_params ( const char *  flowName,
const CosPropertyService::Properties &  new_params 
) [virtual]
void TAO_MCastConfigIf::set_format ( const char *  flowName,
const char *  format_name 
) [virtual]
void TAO_MCastConfigIf::set_initial_configuration ( const CosPropertyService::Properties &  initial ) [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_MCastConfigIf::set_peer ( CORBA::Object_ptr  peer,
AVStreams::streamQoS the_qos,
const AVStreams::flowSpec the_spec 
) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

CosPropertyService::Properties TAO_MCastConfigIf::initial_configuration_ [protected]

Initial configuration to be distributed to all B parties when they join.

Multicast socket.

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