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CORBA::Any Class Reference

Generic container for IDL types. More...

#include <Any.h>

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struct  to_abstract_base
struct  to_object
 These are not in ACE. More...
struct  to_value

Public Types

typedef Any_ptr _ptr_type
typedef Any_var _var_type
typedef Any_out _out_type
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_boolean from_boolean
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_octet from_octet
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_char from_char
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wchar from_wchar
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_string from_string
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wstring from_wstring
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_boolean to_boolean
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_char to_char
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wchar to_wchar
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_octet to_octet
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_string to_string
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wstring to_wstring

Public Member Functions

 Any (void)
 Any (const Any &)
 ~Any (void)
Anyoperator= (const Any &)
TAO::Any_Impl * impl (void) const
void operator<<= (from_boolean)
 Insertion of the special types.
void operator<<= (from_char)
void operator<<= (from_wchar)
void operator<<= (from_octet)
void operator<<= (from_string)
void operator<<= (from_wstring)
Boolean operator>>= (to_boolean) const
 Extraction of the special types.
Boolean operator>>= (to_octet) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_char) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_wchar) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_string) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_wstring) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_object) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_abstract_base) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_value) const
void replace (TAO::Any_Impl *)
 TAO-specific signature.
TypeCode_ptr type (void) const
 Return TypeCode of the element stored in the Any.
void type (TypeCode_ptr)
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tao_get_typecode (void) const
 TAO extension, does not return a duplicate.
void _tao_set_typecode (const CORBA::TypeCode_ptr)
 TAO extension.
int _tao_byte_order (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void _tao_any_destructor (void *)
 Used in our destruction if we ourselves are stored in an Any.

Private Member Functions

CORBA::Boolean checked_to_object (CORBA::Object_ptr &) const
CORBA::Boolean checked_to_value (CORBA::ValueBase *&) const
CORBA::Boolean checked_to_abstract_base (CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr &) const
void operator<<= (unsigned char)
CORBA::Boolean operator>>= (unsigned char &) const

Private Attributes

TAO::Any_Impl * impl_


class TAO_Marshal_Any

Detailed Description

Generic container for IDL types.

This is the top-level class of the Any implementation. It exposes the spec-required functionality, but is mostly a wrapper for one of the template classes below.

Member Typedef Documentation

These are needed for insertion and extraction of booleans, octets, chars, and bounded strings. CORBA spec requires that they be here, we just typedef to the already-defined ACE_OutputCDR types.

These extract octets, chars, booleans, bounded strings, and object references. All these are defined in ACE_InputCDR.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CORBA::Any::Any ( void   )
CORBA::Any::Any ( const Any rhs )
CORBA::Any::~Any ( void   )

Member Function Documentation

void CORBA::Any::_tao_any_destructor ( void *  x ) [static]

Used in our destruction if we ourselves are stored in an Any.

int CORBA::Any::_tao_byte_order ( void   ) const
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr CORBA::Any::_tao_get_typecode ( void   ) const

TAO extension, does not return a duplicate.

void CORBA::Any::_tao_set_typecode ( const CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc )

TAO extension.

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_abstract_base ( CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr _tao_elem ) const [private]
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_object ( CORBA::Object_ptr _tao_elem ) const [private]
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_value ( CORBA::ValueBase *&  _tao_elem ) const [private]
TAO::Any_Impl * CORBA::Any::impl ( void   ) const
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_string  s )
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_wstring  ws )
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_boolean  b )

Insertion of the special types.

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_char  c )
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_wchar  wc )
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( from_octet  o )
void CORBA::Any::operator<<= ( unsigned  char ) [private]
CORBA::Any & CORBA::Any::operator= ( const Any rhs )
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_value  obj ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_wchar  wc ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_wstring  ws ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_octet  o ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_object  obj ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( unsigned char &   ) const [private]
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_boolean  b ) const

Extraction of the special types.

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_abstract_base  obj ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_char  c ) const
CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= ( to_string  s ) const
void CORBA::Any::replace ( TAO::Any_Impl *  new_impl )

TAO-specific signature.

void CORBA::Any::type ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc )

For use along with <<= of a value of aliased type when the alias must be preserved.

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr CORBA::Any::type ( void   ) const

Return TypeCode of the element stored in the Any.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TAO_Marshal_Any [friend]

Member Data Documentation

TAO::Any_Impl* CORBA::Any::impl_ [private]

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