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TAO_Internal.h File Reference

#include "tao/orbconf.h"


namespace  TAO

Define symbolic names for the ORB collocation strategies.

namespace  ORB

This namespace encapsulates some private behaviors and global data structures used internal to TAO. No application should EVER see them which is why they are not exported.

namespace  TAO::ORB


int TAO::ORB::open_global_services (int argc, ACE_TCHAR **argv)
 Note that the argument vector will be corrupted upon return.
int TAO::ORB::open_services (ACE_Intrusive_Auto_Ptr< ACE_Service_Gestalt > cfg, int &argc, ACE_TCHAR **argv)
int TAO::ORB::close_services (ACE_Intrusive_Auto_Ptr< ACE_Service_Gestalt > pcfg)
void TAO::ORB::default_svc_conf_entries (char const *rf_args, char const *ssf_args, char const *csf_args)

Detailed Description

TAO_Internal.h 90386 2010-06-02 13:52:08Z vzykov

Structures and methods completely internal to TAO.

Chris Cleeland
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