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OS_NS_stdio.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_stdio.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_fcntl.h"


class  ACE_OS::ace_flock_t
 OS file locking structure. More...


namespace  ACE_OS

This class is a wrapper for the XTI/TLI operations.


#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export


void ace_clearerr_helper (FILE *stream)
int ace_fgetc_helper (FILE *fp)
int ace_fputc_helper (int ch, FILE *fp)
int ace_getc_helper (FILE *fp)
int ace_putc_helper (int ch, FILE *fp)
int ace_ungetc_helper (int ch, FILE *fp)
ACE_HANDLE ace_fileno_helper (FILE *fp)
char * ace_cuserid (char *user)
 Helper for the ACE_OS::cuserid() function.
void ACE_OS::clearerr (FILE *fp)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::asprintf (char **bufp, const char *format,...)
int ACE_OS::fclose (FILE *fp)
FILE * ACE_OS::fdopen (ACE_HANDLE handle, const ACE_TCHAR *mode)
int ACE_OS::fflush (FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::fgetc (FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::getc (FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::fgetpos (FILE *fp, fpos_t *pos)
char * ACE_OS::fgets (char *buf, int size, FILE *fp)
ACE_HANDLE ACE_OS::fileno (FILE *stream)
FILE * ACE_OS::fopen (const char *filename, const char *mode)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::fprintf (FILE *fp, const char *format,...)
int ACE_OS::ungetc (int c, FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::fputc (int c, FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::putc (int c, FILE *fp)
int ACE_OS::fputs (const char *s, FILE *stream)
size_t ACE_OS::fread (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nelems, FILE *fp)
FILE * ACE_OS::freopen (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *mode, FILE *stream)
int ACE_OS::fseek (FILE *fp, long offset, int ptrname)
int ACE_OS::fsetpos (FILE *fp, fpos_t *pos)
long ACE_OS::ftell (FILE *fp)
size_t ACE_OS::fwrite (const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nitems, FILE *fp)
void ACE_OS::perror (const char *s)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::printf (const char *format,...)
int ACE_OS::puts (const char *s)
int ACE_OS::rename (const char *old_name, const char *new_name, int flags=-1)
void ACE_OS::rewind (FILE *fp)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::snprintf (char *buf, size_t maxlen, const char *format,...)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::sprintf (char *buf, const char *format,...)
char * ACE_OS::tempnam (const char *dir=0, const char *pfx=0)
int ACE_OS::vasprintf (char **bufp, const char *format, va_list argptr)
int ACE_OS::vprintf (const char *format, va_list argptr)
int ACE_OS::vfprintf (FILE *fp, const char *format, va_list argptr)
int ACE_OS::vsprintf (char *buffer, const char *format, va_list argptr)
int ACE_OS::vsnprintf (char *buffer, size_t maxlen, const char *format, va_list argptr)
ACE_Export int ACE_OS::vasprintf_emulation (char **bufp, const char *format, va_list argptr)
char * ACE_OS::cuserid (char *user, size_t maxlen=ACE_MAX_USERID)
int ACE_OS::flock_init (ace_flock_t *lock, int flags=0, const ACE_TCHAR *name=0, mode_t perms=0)
int ACE_OS::flock_destroy (ace_flock_t *lock, int unlink_file=1)
int ACE_OS::flock_rdlock (ace_flock_t *lock, short whence=0, ACE_OFF_T start=0, ACE_OFF_T len=0)
int ACE_OS::flock_tryrdlock (ace_flock_t *lock, short whence=0, ACE_OFF_T start=0, ACE_OFF_T len=0)
int ACE_OS::flock_trywrlock (ace_flock_t *lock, short whence=0, ACE_OFF_T start=0, ACE_OFF_T len=0)
int ACE_OS::flock_unlock (ace_flock_t *lock, short whence=0, ACE_OFF_T start=0, ACE_OFF_T len=0)
int ACE_OS::flock_wrlock (ace_flock_t *lock, short whence=0, ACE_OFF_T start=0, ACE_OFF_T len=0)

Detailed Description

OS_NS_stdio.h 92178 2010-10-08 07:44:20Z olli
Douglas C. Schmidt <>
Jesper S. M|ller<>
and a cast of thousands...

Originally in OS.h.

Define Documentation

#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export

Function Documentation

void ace_clearerr_helper ( FILE *  stream ) [inline]
char* ace_cuserid ( char *  user ) [inline]

Helper for the ACE_OS::cuserid() function.

On some platforms cuserid is a macro. Defining ACE_OS::cuserid() becomes really hard, as there is no way to save the macro definition using the pre-processor. This inline function achieves the same effect, without namespace pollution or performance penalties.

We maybe should move a lot of the code in ACE_OS::cuserid here so it is treated the same as the above ace_difftime and ace_timezone. But since there is a good deal more code in ACE_OS::cuserid, we probably need to move some of it off into some sort of emulation function.
int ace_fgetc_helper ( FILE *  fp ) [inline]
ACE_HANDLE ace_fileno_helper ( FILE *  fp ) [inline]
int ace_fputc_helper ( int  ch,
FILE *  fp 
) [inline]
int ace_getc_helper ( FILE *  fp ) [inline]
int ace_putc_helper ( int  ch,
FILE *  fp 
) [inline]
int ace_ungetc_helper ( int  ch,
FILE *  fp 
) [inline]
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