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OS_NS_signal.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-lite.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_signal.h"


struct  siginfo_t


namespace  ACE_OS

This class is a wrapper for the XTI/TLI operations.


#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define SIG_BLOCK   1
#define SIG_UNBLOCK   2
#define SIG_SETMASK   3


typedef void(* ACE_SIGNAL_C_FUNC )(int, siginfo_t *, void *)
typedef struct sigaction ACE_SIGACTION


int ace_sigemptyset_helper (sigset_t *s)
int ace_sigfillset_helper (sigset_t *s)
int ace_sigaddset_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ace_sigdelset_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ace_sigismember_helper (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::kill (pid_t pid, int signum)
int ACE_OS::pthread_sigmask (int how, const sigset_t *nsp, sigset_t *osp)
int ACE_OS::sigaction (int signum, const ACE_SIGACTION *nsa, ACE_SIGACTION *osa)
int ACE_OS::sigaddset (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::sigdelset (sigset_t *s, int signum)
int ACE_OS::sigemptyset (sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::sigfillset (sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::sigismember (sigset_t *s, int signum)
ACE_SignalHandler ACE_OS::signal (int signum, ACE_SignalHandler)
int ACE_OS::sigprocmask (int how, const sigset_t *nsp, sigset_t *osp)
int ACE_OS::sigsuspend (const sigset_t *s)
int ACE_OS::raise (const int signum)

Detailed Description

OS_NS_signal.h 87097 2009-10-14 14:42:24Z olli
Douglas C. Schmidt <>
Jesper S. M|ller<>
and a cast of thousands...

Originally in OS.h.

Define Documentation

#define ACE_EXPORT_MACRO   ACE_Export
#define SIG_BLOCK   1
#define SIG_SETMASK   3
#define SIG_UNBLOCK   2

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct sigaction ACE_SIGACTION
typedef void(* ACE_SIGNAL_C_FUNC)(int, siginfo_t *, void *)

Function Documentation

int ace_sigaddset_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
int ace_sigdelset_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
int ace_sigemptyset_helper ( sigset_t *  s ) [inline]
int ace_sigfillset_helper ( sigset_t *  s ) [inline]
int ace_sigismember_helper ( sigset_t *  s,
int  signum 
) [inline]
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