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ACE_event_t Class Reference

Wrapper for NT events on UNIX. More...

#include <OS_NS_Thread.h>

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Protected Attributes

char * name_
 Event name if process shared.
 Event data.


int ACE_OS::event_init (ACE_event_t *, int, int, int, const char *, void *, int)
int ACE_OS::event_destroy (ACE_event_t *)
int ACE_OS::event_wait (ACE_event_t *)
int ACE_OS::event_timedwait (ACE_event_t *, ACE_Time_Value *, int)
int ACE_OS::event_signal (ACE_event_t *)
int ACE_OS::event_pulse (ACE_event_t *)
int ACE_OS::event_reset (ACE_event_t *)

Detailed Description

Wrapper for NT events on UNIX.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

int ACE_OS::event_destroy ( ACE_event_t  ) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_init ( ACE_event_t ,
int  ,
int  ,
int  ,
const char *  ,
void *  ,
) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_pulse ( ACE_event_t  ) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_reset ( ACE_event_t  ) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_signal ( ACE_event_t  ) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_timedwait ( ACE_event_t ,
ACE_Time_Value ,
) [friend]
int ACE_OS::event_wait ( ACE_event_t  ) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Event data.

char* ACE_event_t::name_ [protected]

Event name if process shared.

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