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TAO_DynSequence_i Class Reference

#include <DynSequence_i.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_DynSequence_i (void)
 ~TAO_DynSequence_i (void)
void init (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc)
 Initialize using just a TypeCode.
void init (const CORBA::Any &any)
 Initialize using an Any.
virtual CORBA::ULong get_length (void)
virtual void set_length (CORBA::ULong len)
virtual DynamicAny::AnySeq * get_elements (void)
virtual void set_elements (const DynamicAny::AnySeq &value)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAnySeq * get_elements_as_dyn_any (void)
virtual void set_elements_as_dyn_any (const DynamicAny::DynAnySeq &value)
virtual void from_any (const CORBA::Any &value)
virtual CORBA::Any * to_any (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean equal (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr dyn_any)
virtual void destroy (void)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr current_component (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_DynSequence_i_narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)

Private Member Functions

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr get_element_type (void)
void init_common (void)
 TAO_DynSequence_i (const TAO_DynSequence_i &src)
TAO_DynSequence_ioperator= (const TAO_DynSequence_i &src)

Private Attributes

< DynamicAny::DynAny_var > 
 Each component is also a DynAny.

Detailed Description

Implementation of Dynamic Any type for Sequences.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_DynSequence_i::TAO_DynSequence_i ( void   ) 


TAO_DynSequence_i::~TAO_DynSequence_i ( void   ) 


TAO_DynSequence_i::TAO_DynSequence_i ( const TAO_DynSequence_i src  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

TAO_DynSequence_i * TAO_DynSequence_i::_narrow ( CORBA::Object_ptr  obj  )  [static]

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr TAO_DynSequence_i::current_component ( void   )  [virtual]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::destroy ( void   )  [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean TAO_DynSequence_i::equal ( DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr  dyn_any  )  [virtual]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::from_any ( const CORBA::Any &  value  )  [virtual]
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr TAO_DynSequence_i::get_element_type ( void   )  [private]
DynamicAny::AnySeq * TAO_DynSequence_i::get_elements ( void   )  [virtual]
DynamicAny::DynAnySeq * TAO_DynSequence_i::get_elements_as_dyn_any ( void   )  [virtual]
CORBA::ULong TAO_DynSequence_i::get_length ( void   )  [virtual]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::init ( const CORBA::Any &  any  ) 

Initialize using an Any.

void TAO_DynSequence_i::init ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc  ) 

Initialize using just a TypeCode.

void TAO_DynSequence_i::init_common ( void   )  [private]
TAO_DynSequence_i& TAO_DynSequence_i::operator= ( const TAO_DynSequence_i src  )  [private]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::set_elements ( const DynamicAny::AnySeq &  value  )  [virtual]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::set_elements_as_dyn_any ( const DynamicAny::DynAnySeq &  value  )  [virtual]
void TAO_DynSequence_i::set_length ( CORBA::ULong  len  )  [virtual]
CORBA::Any_ptr TAO_DynSequence_i::to_any ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Array_Base<DynamicAny::DynAny_var> TAO_DynSequence_i::da_members_ [private]

Each component is also a DynAny.

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