ACE_Service_Type_Factory Class Reference

#include <Parse_Node.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Service_Type_Factory (ACE_TCHAR const *name, int type, ACE_Location_Node *location, int active)
 ~ACE_Service_Type_Factory (void)
ACE_Service_Typemake_service_type (ACE_Service_Gestalt *pcfg) const
ACE_TCHAR const * name (void) const

Public Attributes

 Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Private Member Functions

 ACE_Service_Type_Factory (const ACE_Service_Type_Factory &)
ACE_Service_Type_Factoryoperator= (const ACE_Service_Type_Factory &)

Private Attributes

ACE_TString name_
int type_
ACE_Auto_Ptr< ACE_Location_Nodelocation_
int is_active_

Detailed Description

A helper class used to safely register dynamic services, which may contains subordinate static services. It is used to capture the necessary data during the parsing, but perform the actuall instantiation later.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Service_Type_Factory::ACE_Service_Type_Factory ( ACE_TCHAR const *  name,
int  type,
ACE_Location_Node location,
int  active 
ACE_Service_Type_Factory::~ACE_Service_Type_Factory ( void   ) 
ACE_Service_Type_Factory::ACE_Service_Type_Factory ( const ACE_Service_Type_Factory  )  [private]

Not implemented to enforce no copying

Member Function Documentation

ACE_Service_Type * ACE_Service_Type_Factory::make_service_type ( ACE_Service_Gestalt pcfg  )  const
ACE_TCHAR const * ACE_Service_Type_Factory::name ( void   )  const
ACE_Service_Type_Factory& ACE_Service_Type_Factory::operator= ( const ACE_Service_Type_Factory  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

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