TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param Class Reference

CORBA::TypeCode implementation for OMG IDL types with empty parameter lists. More...

#include <Empty_Param_TypeCode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Empty_Param (CORBA::TCKind k)
TAO-specific @c CORBA::TypeCode Methods

Methods required by TAO's implementation of the CORBA::TypeCode class.

See also:

virtual bool tao_marshal (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr, CORBA::ULong offset) const
 Marshal this TypeCode into a CDR output stream.
virtual void tao_duplicate (void)
 Increase the reference count on this TypeCode.
virtual void tao_release (void)
 Decrease the reference count on this object.

Protected Member Functions

@c TAO CORBA::TypeCode Template Methods

CORBA::TypeCode template methods specific to TypeCodes with empty parameter lists.

See also:

virtual CORBA::Boolean equal_i (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc) const
virtual CORBA::Boolean equivalent_i (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc) const
virtual CORBA::TypeCode_ptr get_compact_typecode_i (void) const

Detailed Description

CORBA::TypeCode implementation for OMG IDL types with empty parameter lists.

This class implements a CORBA::TypeCode for OMG IDL types with empty parameter lists.

Empty_Param TypeCodes are not reference counted in TAO since they are static, exist as constants for the length of a given OS process, and cannot be created through the CORBA::ORB or CORBA::TypeCodeFactory interfaces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::Empty_Param ( CORBA::TCKind  k  ) 


Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::equal_i ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc  )  const [protected, virtual]
CORBA::Boolean TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::equivalent_i ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc  )  const [protected, virtual]
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::get_compact_typecode_i ( void   )  const [protected, virtual]

Implements CORBA::TypeCode.

void TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::tao_duplicate ( void   )  [virtual]

Increase the reference count on this TypeCode.

Implements CORBA::TypeCode.

virtual bool TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::tao_marshal ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr,
CORBA::ULong  offset 
) const [virtual]

Marshal this TypeCode into a CDR output stream.

Marshal this TypeCode into the cdr output CDR stream, excluding the TypeCode kind. Existing cdr contents will not be altered. The marshaled TypeCode will be appended to the given cdr CDR output stream.

cdr Output CDR stream into which the TypeCode will be marshaled.
offset Number of bytes currently in the output CDR stream, including the top-level TypeCode TCKind. This argument is useful for recursive TypeCodes. TypeCodes that contain other TypeCodes should pass an updated offset value to the marshaling operation for those contained TypeCodes.
true if marshaling was successful.
This is a TAO-specific method that is not part of the standard CORBA::TypeCode interface.
If this method returns false, the contents of the cdr output CDR stream are undefined.

Implements CORBA::TypeCode.

void TAO::TypeCode::Empty_Param::tao_release ( void   )  [virtual]

Decrease the reference count on this object.

Implements CORBA::TypeCode.

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