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class  ACE_sema_t
 This is used to implement semaphores for platforms that support POSIX pthreads, but do *not* support POSIX semaphores, i.e., it's a different type than the POSIX <sem_t>. More...


typedef pthread_t ACE_hthread_t
typedef pthread_t ACE_thread_t
typedef pthread_key_t ACE_OS_thread_key_t
typedef u_int ACE_thread_key_t
typedef pthread_mutex_t ACE_mutex_t
typedef pthread_cond_t ACE_cond_t
typedef pthread_condattr_t ACE_condattr_t
typedef pthread_mutexattr_t ACE_mutexattr_t
typedef pthread_mutex_t ACE_thread_mutex_t
typedef rwlock_t ACE_rwlock_t
typedef sema_t ACE_sema_t


pthread_t pthread_self (void)
int pthread_mutex_timedlock (pthread_mutex_t *mutex, const struct timespec *abstime)

Detailed Description


os_pthread.h 80826 2008-03-04 14:51:23Z wotte
Don Hinton <dhinton@dresystems.com>
This code was originally in various places including ace/OS.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef pthread_cond_t ACE_cond_t
typedef pthread_condattr_t ACE_condattr_t
typedef pthread_t ACE_hthread_t
typedef pthread_mutex_t ACE_mutex_t
typedef pthread_mutexattr_t ACE_mutexattr_t
typedef pthread_key_t ACE_OS_thread_key_t
typedef pthread_rwlock_t ACE_rwlock_t
typedef sema_t ACE_sema_t
typedef pthread_mutex_t ACE_thread_mutex_t
typedef pthread_t ACE_thread_t

Function Documentation

int pthread_mutex_timedlock ( pthread_mutex_t *  mutex,
const struct timespec abstime 
pthread_t pthread_self ( void   ) 
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