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#include <Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual CORBA::Boolean _is_a (CORBA::Object_ptr target, const char *logical_type_id)
virtual CORBA::Boolean _non_existent (CORBA::Object_ptr target)
virtual CORBA::InterfaceDef * _get_interface (CORBA::Object_ptr target)
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr _get_component (CORBA::Object_ptr target)
virtual char * _repository_id (CORBA::Object_ptr target)

Detailed Description


A broker for standard CORBA::Object calls that needs to be made on remote objects.

Member Function Documentation

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr TAO::Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker::_get_component ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target  )  [virtual]
virtual CORBA::InterfaceDef* TAO::Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker::_get_interface ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target  )  [virtual]
virtual CORBA::Boolean TAO::Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker::_is_a ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target,
const char *  logical_type_id 
) [virtual]

Please see the documentation in Object_Proxy_Broker.h for details.

Implements TAO::Object_Proxy_Broker.

virtual CORBA::Boolean TAO::Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker::_non_existent ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target  )  [virtual]
virtual char* TAO::Collocated_Object_Proxy_Broker::_repository_id ( CORBA::Object_ptr  target  )  [virtual]

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