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CORBA::ContextListContextList definition taken from CORBA v2.3a Dec 1998
TAO::DII_Deferred_Invocation_AdapterThis class is for deferred DII invocation
TAO::DII_Invocation_AdapterGeneric interface for the DII invocation object visible
TAO::DII_Oneway_Invocation_AdapterThis class is for oneway DII invocation
CORBA::ExceptionListExceptionList definition taken from CORBA v2.2 Feb 1998
TAO::NamedValue_ArgumentClass for the return value of a CORBA::(Server)Request
TAO::NVList_ArgumentClass for the argument list of a CORBA::(Server)Request
CORBA::ServerRequestClass representing the CORBA ServerRequest pseudo-object
TAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_HolderThis is the class for holding exception
TAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder_outThe T_out class for exception holder
TAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder_varThe T_var class for exception holder
TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_HandlerThis is the main class for DSI using AMH
TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_varThe T_var class for response handler
TAO_DII_Deferred_Reply_DispatcherReply dispatcher for DII deferred requests
TAO_DII_Reply_HandlerThe class for DII reply handler
TAO_DII_Reply_Handler_varThe T_var class for reply handler
TAO_DynamicImplementationBase class for DSI
TAO::TAO_GIOP_DII_Asynch_InvocationThis class is responsible to send the asynchronous invocation
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