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class  ACE_Static_Svc_Descriptor
 Holds the information necessary to describe a statically linked Svc. More...
class  ACE_Threading_Helper< LOCK >
 Encapsulates responsibility for allocating, destroying and manipulating the value, associated with a thread-specific key. Relates to the ability of the created thread to inherit the parent thread's gestalt. Designed to be used as an instance member of ACE_Service_Config. More...
class  ACE_Threading_Helper< ACE_Thread_Mutex >
class  ACE_Threading_Helper< ACE_Null_Mutex >
class  ACE_Service_Config
 Supplies common server operations for dynamic and static configuration of service. More...
class  ACE_Service_Config_Guard
 A guard class, designed to be instantiated on the stack. More...


typedef ACE_Service_Object *(* 
ACE_SERVICE_ALLOCATOR )(ACE_Service_Object_Exterminator *)

Detailed Description

Service_Config.h 81673 2008-05-09 19:09:43Z iliyan
Douglas C. Schmidt <>

Variable Documentation

ACE_END_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL typedef ACE_Service_Object*(* ACE_SERVICE_ALLOCATOR)(ACE_Service_Object_Exterminator *)
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