Refcounted_Auto_Ptr.h File Reference

#include "ace/Refcounted_Auto_Ptr.inl"
#include "ace/Refcounted_Auto_Ptr.cpp"
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class  ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr< X, ACE_LOCK >
 This class implements support for a reference counted auto_ptr. Assigning or copying instances of an ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr will automatically increment the reference count. When the last instance that references a ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr instance is destroyed or overwritten, it will invoke delete on its underlying pointer. More...
class  ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr_Rep< X, ACE_LOCK >
 An ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr_Rep object encapsulates a pointer to an object of type X. It uses a lock object of type ACE_LOCK to protect access to the reference count. More...

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