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ace pre h C int inet_aton (const char *, struct in_addr *)

Detailed Description

definitions for internet operations

os_inet.h 85015 2009-04-03 12:27:59Z johnnyw
Don Hinton <dhinton@dresystems.com>
This code was originally in various places including ace/OS.h.

Function Documentation

ace pre h C int inet_aton ( const char *  ,
struct in_addr  

In some environments it is useful to swap the bytes on write, for instance: a fast server can be feeding a lot of slow clients that happen to have the wrong byte order. Because this is a rarely used feature we disable it by default to minimize footprint. This macro enables the functionality, but we still need a way to activate it on a per-connection basis. In some environements we never need to swap bytes when reading, for instance embebbed systems (such as avionics) or homogenous networks. Setting this macro disables the capabilities to demarshall streams in the wrong byte order.

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