ifreq Struct Reference

#include <os_if.h>

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Public Attributes

char ifr_name [IFNAMSIZ]
union {
   struct sockaddr   ifru_addr
   struct sockaddr   ifru_dstaddr
   struct sockaddr   ifru_broadaddr
   short   ifru_flags
   int   ifru_metric
   int   ifru_mtu
   int   ifru_phys
   int   ifru_media
   caddr_t   ifru_data
   int(*   ifru_tap )(struct ifnet *, struct ether_header *, struct mbuf *)

Member Data Documentation

union { ... } ifreq::ifr_ifru
char ifreq::ifr_name[IFNAMSIZ]
struct sockaddr ifreq::ifru_addr [read]
struct sockaddr ifreq::ifru_broadaddr [read]
struct sockaddr ifreq::ifru_dstaddr [read]
int(* ifreq::ifru_tap)(struct ifnet *, struct ether_header *, struct mbuf *)

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