ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl Class Reference

Abstract base class for the all the classes that provide concrete implementations for ACE_Asynch_Result. More...

#include <Asynch_IO_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl (void)
virtual size_t bytes_transferred (void) const =0
 Number of bytes transferred by the operation.
virtual const void * act (void) const =0
 ACT associated with the operation.
virtual int success (void) const =0
 Did the operation succeed?
virtual const void * completion_key (void) const =0
virtual u_long error (void) const =0
 Error value if the operation fail.
virtual ACE_HANDLE event (void) const =0
 Event associated with the OVERLAPPED structure.
virtual u_long offset (void) const =0
 This really make sense only when doing file I/O.
virtual u_long offset_high (void) const =0
virtual int priority (void) const =0
 Priority of the operation.
virtual int signal_number (void) const =0
virtual void complete (size_t bytes_transferred, int success, const void *completion_key, u_long error=0)=0
 This is called when the asynchronous operation completes.
virtual int post_completion (ACE_Proactor_Impl *proactor)=0
 Post this to the Proactor's completion port.

Protected Member Functions

 ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl (void)
 Do-nothing constructor.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for the all the classes that provide concrete implementations for ACE_Asynch_Result.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::~ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl ( void   )  [virtual]
ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl ( void   )  [protected]

Do-nothing constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const void* ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::act ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual size_t ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::bytes_transferred ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual void ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::complete ( size_t  bytes_transferred,
int  success,
const void *  completion_key,
u_long  error = 0 
) [pure virtual]
virtual const void* ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::completion_key ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual u_long ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::error ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual ACE_HANDLE ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::event ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual u_long ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::offset ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual u_long ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::offset_high ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual int ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::post_completion ( ACE_Proactor_Impl proactor  )  [pure virtual]
virtual int ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::priority ( void   )  const [pure virtual]
virtual int ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::signal_number ( void   )  const [pure virtual]

POSIX4 real-time signal number to be used for the operation. <signal_number> ranges from SIGRTMIN to SIGRTMAX. By default, SIGRTMIN is used to issue <aio_> calls. This is a no-op on non-POSIX4 systems and returns 0.

Implemented in ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Read_Stream_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Write_Stream_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Read_File_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Write_File_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Accept_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Connect_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Transmit_File_Result, ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Read_Dgram_Result, and ACE_WIN32_Asynch_Write_Dgram_Result.

virtual int ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl::success ( void   )  const [pure virtual]

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