RTCORBA.pidl File Reference

Pre-compiled IDL source for the RTCORBA module. More...

#include "tao/IOP.pidl"
#include "tao/TimeBase.pidl"
#include "tao/Policy.pidl"
import "tao/RTCORBA/RT_ProtocolProperties.pidl";

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Detailed Description

Pre-compiled IDL source for the RTCORBA module.

RTCORBA.pidl 81200 2008-04-01 13:03:30Z johnnyw

The RTCORBA module specified in CORBA v2.4.2 Chapter 24 (February, 2001).

Changes to the original OMG idl:

1. Two TAO-specific interfaces, UnixDomainProtocolProperties and SharedMemoryProtocolProperties, have been added to allow configuration of TAO's UIOP and SHMEM pluggable protocols through RTCORBA Protocol Policies. 2. TAO-specific support for named mutexes has been added. 3. Added RT_ORB::create_tcp_protocol_properties which seems to come and go from the formal specification, but is needed.

This file is used to generate the code in RTCORBAC.{h,inl,cpp}. The steps to regenerate the code are as follows:

1. Run the tao_idl compiler on the pidl file. The command used for this is:

tao_idl -o orig -Gp -Gd -Sci -I../.. -Wb,export_macro=TAO_RTCORBA_Export -Wb,export_include="rtcorba_export.h" -Wb,pre_include="ace/pre.h" -Wb,post_include="ace/post.h" RTCORBA.pidl

2. Then apply the patches in tao/RTCORBA/diffs to the generated code. The patches provide the following fixes: 1) remove several unnecessary includes, e.g., corba.h, stream.h, Policy.h, 3) add anything else we need into the namespace, i.e., TAO_Priority_Mapping, and 4) fix "nested_class" occurrences in the .cpp.

Apply patches using the following commands:

patch < diffs/RTCORBA.diff

Note: The diffs were generated with these commands:

for i in RTCORBAC.{h,inl,cpp}; do diff -wBbu orig/$i $i done > diffs/RTCORBA.diff

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