TAO_IOR_Table_Impl Class Reference

#include <IOR_Table_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_IOR_Table_Impl (void)
char * find (const char *object_key)
 Find the object, using the locator if it is not on the table.
The IORTable::Table methods
Please check the IORTable.pidl file for details.

virtual void bind (const char *object_key, const char *IOR)
virtual void rebind (const char *object_key, const char *IOR)
virtual void unbind (const char *object_key)
virtual void set_locator (IORTable::Locator_ptr the_locator)

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_IOR_Table_Impl_ptr _nil (void)

Private Types

< ACE_CString, ACE_CString,
ACE_Hash< ACE_CString >
, ACE_Equal_To< ACE_CString >
, ACE_Null_Mutex

Private Attributes

Map map_
 The map.
IORTable::Locator_var locator_
 The locator.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::TAO_IOR_Table_Impl ( void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

static TAO_IOR_Table_Impl_ptr TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::_nil ( void   )  [inline, static]

Reimplemented from CORBA::LocalObject.

void TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::bind ( const char *  object_key,
const char *  IOR 
) [virtual]

char * TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::find ( const char *  object_key  ) 

Find the object, using the locator if it is not on the table.

void TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::rebind ( const char *  object_key,
const char *  IOR 
) [virtual]

void TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::set_locator ( IORTable::Locator_ptr  the_locator  )  [virtual]

void TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::unbind ( const char *  object_key  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

IORTable::Locator_var TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::locator_ [private]

The locator.

TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX TAO_IOR_Table_Impl::lock_ [private]


The map.

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