Locator_XMLHandler Class Reference

#include <Locator_XMLHandler.h>

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struct  Callback
struct  EnvVar

Public Types

typedef ACE_Vector< EnvVarEnvList

Public Member Functions

 Locator_XMLHandler (Callback &cb)
virtual void startElement (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName, ACEXML_Attributes *atts)
virtual void endElement (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName)

Static Public Attributes

static const ACE_TCHARROOT_TAG = ACE_TEXT("ImplementationRepository")
static const ACE_TCHARSERVER_INFO_TAG = ACE_TEXT("Servers")
static const ACE_TCHARENVIRONMENT_TAG = ACE_TEXT("EnvironmentVariables")
static const ACE_TCHARACTIVATOR_INFO_TAG = ACE_TEXT("Activators")

Private Attributes

ACE_CString server_id_
ACE_TString server_name_
ACE_TString activator_name_
ACE_TString command_line_
ACE_TString activation_
ACE_TString working_dir_
ACE_TString server_object_ior_
ACE_TString partial_ior_
int start_limit_
EnvList env_vars_

Detailed Description

Callback SAX XML Handler for parsing XML.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Locator_XMLHandler::Locator_XMLHandler ( Callback cb  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Locator_XMLHandler::endElement ( const ACEXML_Char *  namespaceURI,
const ACEXML_Char *  localName,
const ACEXML_Char *  qName 
) [virtual]

void Locator_XMLHandler::startElement ( const ACEXML_Char *  namespaceURI,
const ACEXML_Char *  localName,
const ACEXML_Char *  qName,
ACEXML_Attributes *  atts 
) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

const ACE_TCHAR * Locator_XMLHandler::ACTIVATOR_INFO_TAG = ACE_TEXT("Activators") [static]

const ACE_TCHAR * Locator_XMLHandler::ENVIRONMENT_TAG = ACE_TEXT("EnvironmentVariables") [static]

const ACE_TCHAR * Locator_XMLHandler::ROOT_TAG = ACE_TEXT("ImplementationRepository") [static]

const ACE_TCHAR * Locator_XMLHandler::SERVER_INFO_TAG = ACE_TEXT("Servers") [static]

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