CosNaming Namespace Reference


struct  NameComponent
struct  Binding
interface  NamingContext
 Interface for managing name bindings and naming contexts. More...
interface  BindingIterator
interface  NamingContextExt


typedef string Istring
typedef sequence< NameComponentName
typedef sequence< BindingBindingList


enum  BindingType { nobject, ncontext }

Detailed Description

This module provides interface for using COS Naming Service.

Typedef Documentation

typedef sequence<Binding> CosNaming::BindingList

typedef string CosNaming::Istring

Define a typedef for String. Maybe at some point, <Istring> will be different to support Internationalization.

typedef sequence<NameComponent> CosNaming::Name

This is a compound name: <c1; c2; c3; cn> where c1 to cn-1 are the names of the nested contexts, and cn is the name of the object bound in cn-1.

Enumeration Type Documentation

nobject  object binding.
ncontext  Naming context binding.

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