CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler Class Reference

#include <DP_Handler.h>

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class  NoPlan

Public Member Functions

 DP_Handler (deploymentPlan &dp)
 DP_Handler (const ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan &plan)
 ~DP_Handler (void) throw ()
deploymentPlan const * xsc (void) const
deploymentPlan * xsc (void)
const * 
plan (void) const
::Deployment::DeploymentPlan * plan (void)

Private Member Functions

bool resolve_plan (deploymentPlan &dp)
bool build_xsc (const ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan &plan)

Private Attributes

auto_ptr< deploymentPlan > xsc_dp_
< ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan > 
bool retval_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::DP_Handler ( deploymentPlan &  dp  ) 

Use this constructor if you want to use the XSC->IDL mapping

CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::DP_Handler ( const ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan &  plan  ) 

Use this constructor if you want to use the IDL->XSC mapping

CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::~DP_Handler ( void   )  throw ()

Member Function Documentation

bool CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::build_xsc ( const ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan &  plan  )  [private]

Deployment::DeploymentPlan * CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::plan ( void   ) 

Deployment::DeploymentPlan const * CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::plan ( void   )  const

Generates the XSC->IDL mapping. returns null if the method fails or the class was constructed

bool CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::resolve_plan ( deploymentPlan &  dp  )  [private]

deploymentPlan * CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::xsc ( void   ) 

deploymentPlan const * CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::xsc ( void   )  const

Generates the IDL->XSC mapping. returns null if the method fails or if the class was constructed with the wrong source.

Member Data Documentation

auto_ptr< ::Deployment::DeploymentPlan> CIAO::Config_Handlers::DP_Handler::idl_dp_ [private]

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