Basic_Arguments.h File Reference

#include "tao/Basic_Argument_T.h"
#include "tao/Arg_Traits_T.h"
#include "tao/Any_Insert_Policy_T.h"

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class  TAO::Arg_Traits< void >
 Specialization for void return type. More...
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::Short >
 Specializations for basic stub arg types, except (w)char/boolean/octet. More...
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::Long >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::UShort >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::ULong >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::Float >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::Double >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::LongLong >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::ULongLong >
class  TAO::Arg_Traits< CORBA::LongDouble >


namespace  TAO
 Define symbolic names for the ORB collocation strategies.

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