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#include "tao/Basic_Types.h"

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namespace  CORBA
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CORBA String Memory Management
CORBA string memory management functions.

TAO_Export char * CORBA::string_alloc (ULong len)
TAO_Export char * CORBA::string_dup (const char *)
TAO_Export void CORBA::string_free (char *)
CORBA Wide String Memory Management
CORBA wide string memory management functions.

TAO_Export WCharCORBA::wstring_alloc (ULong len)
TAO_Export WCharCORBA::wstring_dup (const WChar *const)
TAO_Export void CORBA::wstring_free (WChar *const)

Detailed Description

String_Alloc.h 74014 2006-08-14 13:52:22Z johnnyw

Header file for the CORBA string types.

DOC Group at Wash U, UCI, and Vanderbilt U.

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