TAO_Protocol_Item Class Reference

#include <Resource_Factory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Protocol_Item (const ACE_CString &name)
 ~TAO_Protocol_Item (void)
const ACE_CStringprotocol_name (void)
TAO_Protocol_Factoryfactory (void)
 Return a pointer to the protocol factory.
void factory (TAO_Protocol_Factory *factory, int owner=0)
 Set the factory pointer's value.

Private Member Functions

 TAO_Protocol_Item (const TAO_Protocol_Item &)
void operator= (const TAO_Protocol_Item &)

Private Attributes

ACE_CString name_
 Protocol factory name.
 Pointer to factory object.
int factory_owner_
 Whether we own (and therefore have to delete) the factory object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Protocol_Item::TAO_Protocol_Item ( const ACE_CString name  ) 

Creator method, the protocol name can only be set when the object is created.

TAO_Protocol_Item::~TAO_Protocol_Item ( void   ) 

Destructor that deallocates the factory object if the Protocol_Item retains ownership.

TAO_Protocol_Item::TAO_Protocol_Item ( const TAO_Protocol_Item  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_Protocol_Item::factory ( TAO_Protocol_Factory factory,
int  owner = 0 

Set the factory pointer's value.

TAO_Protocol_Factory * TAO_Protocol_Item::factory ( void   ) 

Return a pointer to the protocol factory.

void TAO_Protocol_Item::operator= ( const TAO_Protocol_Item  )  [private]

const ACE_CString & TAO_Protocol_Item::protocol_name ( void   ) 

Return a reference to the character representation of the protocol factories name.

Member Data Documentation

Pointer to factory object.

Whether we own (and therefore have to delete) the factory object.

Protocol factory name.

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