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#include <CEC_ConsumerAdmin.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin (TAO_CEC_EventChannel *event_channel)
virtual ~TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin (void)
void for_each (TAO_ESF_Worker< TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier > *worker)
 For each elements call <worker->work()>.
void for_each (TAO_ESF_Worker< TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier > *worker)
void push (const CORBA::Any &event)
 Push the event to all the consumers.
virtual void connected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier *)
virtual void reconnected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier *)
virtual void disconnected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier *)
virtual void connected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier *)
virtual void reconnected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier *)
virtual void disconnected (TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier *)
virtual void shutdown (void)
obtain_push_supplier (void)
obtain_pull_supplier (void)
virtual PortableServer::POA_ptr _default_POA (void)

Private Attributes

 The Event Channel we belong to.
PortableServer::POA_var default_POA_
 Store the default POA.
< TAO_CEC_EventChannel,
 Implement the push side of this class.
< TAO_CEC_EventChannel,
 Implement the pull side of this class.

Detailed Description


Implements the ConsumerAdmin interface, i.e. the factory for ProxyPushSupplier objects. = MEMORY MANAGMENT It does not assume ownership of the TAO_CEC_EventChannel object; but it *does* assume ownership of the TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier_Set object. = LOCKING No provisions for locking, access must be serialized externally. = TODO

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin ( TAO_CEC_EventChannel event_channel  ) 

constructor. If <supplier_set> is nil then it builds one using the event_channel argument. In any case it assumes ownership.

TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::~TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin ( void   )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL ACE_INLINE void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::for_each ( TAO_ESF_Worker< TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier > *  worker  ) 

For each elements call <worker->work()>.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::for_each ( TAO_ESF_Worker< TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier > *  worker  ) 

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::push ( const CORBA::Any &  event  ) 

Push the event to all the consumers.

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::connected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

Used to inform the EC that a Supplier has connected or disconnected from it.

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::reconnected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::disconnected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::connected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::reconnected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::disconnected ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier supplier  )  [virtual]

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::shutdown ( void   )  [virtual]

The event channel is shutting down, inform all the consumers of this

CosEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSupplier_ptr TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::obtain_push_supplier ( void   )  [virtual]

CosEventChannelAdmin::ProxyPullSupplier_ptr TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::obtain_pull_supplier ( void   )  [virtual]

PortableServer::POA_ptr TAO_CEC_ConsumerAdmin::_default_POA ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

The Event Channel we belong to.

Store the default POA.

Implement the push side of this class.

Implement the pull side of this class.

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