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#include <ZIOP_Adapter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool decompress (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request)=0
virtual bool marshal_data (TAO_Operation_Details &details, TAO_OutputCDR &stream, TAO::Profile_Transport_Resolver &resolver_)=0
virtual void load_policy_validators (TAO_Policy_Validator &validator)=0
virtual bool marshal_reply_data (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, TAO::Argument *const *args, size_t nargs)=0
virtual ~TAO_ZIOP_Adapter (void)
 The virtual destructor.

Detailed Description


Class that offers an interface to the ORB to load and manipulate ZIOP library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL TAO_ZIOP_Adapter::~TAO_ZIOP_Adapter ( void   )  [virtual]

The virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool TAO_ZIOP_Adapter::decompress ( TAO_ServerRequest server_request  )  [pure virtual]

virtual bool TAO_ZIOP_Adapter::marshal_data ( TAO_Operation_Details details,
TAO_OutputCDR stream,
TAO::Profile_Transport_Resolver &  resolver_ 
) [pure virtual]

virtual void TAO_ZIOP_Adapter::load_policy_validators ( TAO_Policy_Validator validator  )  [pure virtual]

virtual bool TAO_ZIOP_Adapter::marshal_reply_data ( TAO_ServerRequest server_request,
TAO::Argument *const *  args,
size_t  nargs 
) [pure virtual]

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