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template<typename PTR>
PTR ACE_make_checked_array_iterator (PTR buf, size_t)

Detailed Description

Checked iterator factory function.

Some compilers (e.g. MSVC++ >= 8) issue security related diagnostics if algorithms such as std::copy() are used in an unsafe way. Normally this isn't an issue if STL container iterators are used in conjuction with the standard algorithms. However, in cases where application-specific iterators are use with standard algorithms that could potentially overrun a buffer, extra care must be taken to prevent such an overrun. If supported, checked iterators can be used to address the potential destination buffer overrun.

This header provides function templates that generate the appropriate checked iterator. In cases where checked iterators are not supported, the pointer passed to the function is returned instead.

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For internal use only.

The functions and types in this header are meant for internal use. They may change at any point between releases.

Ossama Othman

Function Documentation

template<typename PTR>
PTR ACE_make_checked_array_iterator ( PTR  buf,
) [inline]

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