ACE_crc_ccitt.cpp File Reference

#include "ace/ACE.h"

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#define COMPUTE(var, ch)   (var) = (crc_table[(var ^ ch) & 0xFF] ^ (var >> 8))


ACE_Export ACE_UINT16 ACE::crc_ccitt (const char *str)
 Computes CRC-CCITT for the string.
ACE_Export ACE_UINT16 ACE::crc_ccitt (const void *buf, size_t len, ACE_UINT16 crc=0)
 Computes CRC-CCITT for the buffer.
ACE_Export ACE_UINT16 ACE::crc_ccitt (const iovec *iov, int len, ACE_UINT16 crc=0)
 Computes CRC-CCITT for the @ len iovec buffers.


const ACE_UINT16 crc_table []

Define Documentation

#define COMPUTE ( var,
ch   )     (var) = (crc_table[(var ^ ch) & 0xFF] ^ (var >> 8))

Variable Documentation

const ACE_UINT16 crc_table[] [static]

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